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Kyrialt is the youngest son of High Earl Erlien s'Taleyn in Selkwood. He is the heir designate for the role of caithdein in Shand. He is described as bearded, lithe, and dark with gray eyes.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: Kyrialt is first introduced when Arithon and his party come ashore in Selkwood. Arithon wagers that he can rob a caravan of stolen amethysts, a tribute to the Light, and silk for Glendien's wedding gift without bloodshed. Kyrialt threatens to end the raid when he doubts their chances, but stands down before Arithon's demands. The raid is successful thanks to Arithon's captured iyats. Kyrialt reveals his name when Arithon meets High Earl Erlien s'Taleyn after the raid. Kyrialt confirms that his men followed Arithon's lead in the raid, even though the raid had been called off by Erlien.

After meeting Glendien, Arithon attempts to disentangle himself from Kyrialt's loyalty. The plan backfires and Erlien forces Arithon to accept Kyrialt's oath of fealty to the crown of Rathain. When Dakar protests the risk of Arithon's ruse, Kyrialt shows him that Alland's clansmen have been convinced to back Arithon without the formality of a hearing. At their bridal feast, Kyrialt unsuccessfully attempts to prevent Glendien from harassing Arithon. Kyrialt marries Glendien and Arithon performs as Masterbard. Afterwards, he remains behind with Arithon's plans while the prince departs for Telzen.

Kyrialt travels to Innish to execute the next phase of Arithon's plans to discredit sunwheel recruitment, along with Glendien who inserts herself into the mix in order to meet Fiark. The pair are waylaid by Fiark and Tharrick, who worry that they will be detected by new sunwheel clairvoyants.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Glendien and Kyrialt travel through Selkwood to meet Arithon after his purge of necromancy in Etarra. When the group finally reaches Lord Erlien, Arithon pledges his support to defend Selkwood from the Alliance assault. Kyrialt stands in defense of Arithon during a contentious council of clan elders, where Arithon suggests using his Masterbard's gifts to raise wards around Selkwood. He travels with Arithon into the free wilds, where the prince is able to awaken 12 Paravian markers. Kyrialt carries Arithon out of range of the marker to recuperate from exposure to the mysteries. Afterwards, he is summoned to Erlien's lodge tent in the presence of the extended family and clan seeress.

With Jeynsa's actions in Alestron known through augury, Kyrialt is ordered to maintain his role as Arithon's feal liegeman even if the prince tries to leave him behind. Glendien decides to accompany Kyrialt as well. Arithon asks for permission from Erlien to visit the King's Glade in Selkwood. The High Earl agrees as long as Kyrialt accompanies him. The pair travels together to the King's Glade and are granted invitation to enter by the sentinel oaks. While Kyrialt rests, Arithon strives to follow the path used by ancient Paravians rather than wait for a chance to present his petition. Ten days later, Davien offers to give the curse-free Arithon firsthand knowledge of the ground assault at Alestron. The Sorcerer reveals his intent to Kyrialt -- providing proof that Arithon's plan to return to Alestron so soon after his experience in the King's Glade was unwise.

On the day Arithon is expected to leave for Alestron, Glendien and Kyrialt travel to Stag's Islet to join him. Davien teleports the trio to Alestron into Elaira's care. Later, Kyrialt allows Dakar and Mearn to enter the drumkeep where Elaira has been staying. For Arithon's defense, he and Glendien take up residence on the ground floor. After Arithon and Elaira rush to Sidir's aid, Kyrialt watches over Fianzia. When Mearn arrives, Kyrialt informs him of Bransian's kidnapping of Jeynsa. Kyrialt guards the prince's privacy after Sidir's healing. Based on Sidir's lead, Kyrialt accepts Elaira as Arithon's royal mate under his oath of crown service. On the day that Arithon orders Sidir to see Jeynsa safely back in Halwythwood, Kyrialt takes the clansman's place at Arithon's back.

Arithon uses his Masterbard's arts to awaken Alithiel at Watch Keep, causing all combatants in the Siege of Alestron to reevaluate their priorities. Talvish, Kyrialt, and Fionn Areth stand guard in the chamber below while Arithon sustains the sword's powers. When Fionn Areth makes a presumption about raiding clansmen, Kyrialt offers to train him.

Sevrand and Vhandon bring word of Parrien's enspelled actions in the Alliance camp. Kyrialt builds up a fire for the frostbitten captain. The group plots a rescue attempt, helped by Elaira's return and her knowledge of Selidie's sigil. Kyrialt and Elaira maintain a vigil on Arithon as he channels Alithiel. He lends support to Dakar and Elaira when they try to reach Arithon to cancel Alithiel's song. As fighting intensifies following Evenstar's run down the estuary, Arithon, Talvish, and Dakar strategize to extricate Arithon from the citadel. Kyrialt guards their chamber and allows Vhandon entry. When Arithon's plan fails, Kyrialt permits Elaira, but not Glendien from entering.

When the sea quarter is breached, Kyrialt guards Arithon while he assists Elaira and Glendien with healing. His hunter senses detect a threat from Parrien, who attempts to assassinate Arithon. Kyrialt intervenes and pays with his life, though Arithon is still gravely wounded. Kyrialt dies in Glendien's arms.