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The King's Glade is a location deep in the free wilds where Athera's mysteries are sacrosanct, comparable to the Queen's Grove. The presence of either a King's Glade or a Queen's Grove in a High Kingdom commemorates the gender of the individual ancestor, first confirmed by the Fellowship as founder of their royal lineage.[1]

Only the sanctioned heir to a High Kingdom is entitled to visit the Glade in their kingdom, where they would petition the Paravians to answer the realm's needs. For example, an heir to the s'Ahelas family line would have the right to travel to the King's Glade in Selkwood. The path through the free wilds to the King's Glade is spiraling in nature, allowing the visitor to gradually adapt to changes in the resonant flux.

King's Glade in Selkwood

The King's Glade in Selkwood is a small hollow surrounded by twelve live oaks. A stone slab in the center is surrounded by tangles of wild rose.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Reins of Destiny

Third Age 5018: During the rebellion, the secret son of Gierdon s'Lornmein is taken to the King's Glade in Lithmere. An unnamed clansman reveals this location to town conspirators, unaware that the s'Lornmein heir is there. Kayjon sen'Davvis decides to complete the rescue mission, in spite of the risk that exposure to the free wilds might drive him insane.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Third Age 5671: Arithon travels to the King's Glade in Selkwood, escorted by Kyrialt s'Taleyn. He relies on his s'Ahelas lineage and initiate awareness and is granted permission to enter by a pair of sentinel oaks woven together by Paravians. An Athlien Paravian responds to his petition in the Glade.



  1. The author originally intended for Shand to have a Queen's Grove and Melhalla to have a King's Glade, but this was mistakenly reversed when the story was published. Forum Post, December 08, 2018