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Keldmar s'Brydion is the younger brother of Duke Bransian of Alestron. He is the 2nd eldest in the family -- Parrien and Mearn are both younger.

He wears his hair in a clan "battle" braid and looks almost like Parrien's twin, tall and with stone-coloured eyes. The pair are often seen bickering.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Keldmar is first introduced when Dakar and Arithon arrive at Alestron to perform a Fellowship inventory of the armory. He and his brothers admit Dakar, disguised as a gem seller. When Dakar reveals Arithon's intentions, the four brothers head to their armory to catch a spy. The brothers attempt to trap Arithon in the armory, but he is able to locate their forbidden culverin first. When Arithon starts a fire as a diversionary tactic, they race to keep it from spreading but the armory explodes. All four brothers survive and they recapture Dakar in the aftermath.

In the interrogation of Dakar and Tharrick that follows, all four brothers are present. When Dakar weaves a geas of thirst, Keldmar is the second to succumb. Following Asandir's arrival, the four brothers are told of the Compact and the reasons behind the culverin's proscribement. They are given a choice -- have the memory of the culverin erased, or spend the rest of their days trapped in their tower. All four choose to forget the culverin, and are left only with the memory that Arithon has destroyed their armory.

Third Age 5646: Keldmar is sent to Etarra to gather news of Lysaer's plans for Arithon. He is there, not to form alliance, but to get the go-ahead for Alestron's forces to blockade Merior. After a night of drinking with Lysaer, he is convinced that Alestron's forces should wait for the arrival of Lysaer's 35,000 troops. While in Etarra, he must show his earl's blazon everywhere, lest he be mistaken for a forest clansman.

After returning home, Kelmdar is shown plotting with his brothers in a scried image from the lane watch on the Autumn Equinox.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: Bransian is about to go out hunting with Keldmar and Parrien when Lysaer arrives to explain the loss of the Werpoint fleet. By owning up to his defeat, Lysaer is able to convince the s'Brydion brothers to stage a winter attack on Merior.

Third Age 5647: The brothers s'Brydion are protecting the supply lines at the time of the strike on the Havens. During the strike at Dier Kenton Vale, Keldmar commands the northern flank of troops whose goal is to surround Arithon's forces while Lysaer's main warhost charge from the other side of the mountains. He marches his troops to a green mist of Dakar's creation, and his mercenaries begin to envision the things for which they long. During the confusion, he is separated from his troops by Erlien's enemy clansmen, and forced to surrender himself.

Keldmar, Parrien, and Mearn are kept under guard in a shepherd's stone hut for three weeks until they're joined by Bransian, who has changed his stance on the war between Arithon and Lysaer based upon new information gleaned from Erlien's clansmen.Arithon convinces the four brothers to remain allied with Lysaer in name, in exchange for the entire ransom and the authority to call off Bransian's lancers.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5667: Keldmar travels home to Alestron accompanied by Traithe. He, Dawr, and the other brothers meet with a visiting Traithe in the inner citadel at Alestron, and Keldmar brings news from Etarra. Traithe warns of Lysaer's long-term plans and passes on Sethvir's request to send three s'Brydion children to Havish for safety's sake.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Keldmar, his brothers, and Sevrand welcome Fionn Areth to Alestron. When Fionn Areth expresses his desire to join the Alliance (unaware of s'Brydion loyalty), the boy is tossed in the dungeon. In late autumn, Keldmar and his brothers are in council when they are interrupted by Feylind. She enlists their help in rousting Dakar from a brothel and departs aboard the Evenstar.

Third Age 5671: Keldmar, his wife, Sindelle, and the s'Brydion brothers attend a musical performance arranged by Dame Dawr. The musician turns out to be Arithon, who warns that he has forseen their deaths and urges them to dismantle Alestron. After their refusal, he formally severs the alliance originally started during the Vastmark campaign.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Keldmar commands garrison troops that protect Alestron's unharvested crops in the months leading up to the Alliance assault. Keldmar orders Vhandon and ten men to go behind enemy lines to learn when Lysaer will arrive. On Keldmar's orders, Lysaer's Lord Justiciar is killed when delivering a sealed arraignment. In retaliation, Lysaer turns his gift of Light on the lands surrounding Alestron, immolating Keldmar and his veteran troops.


  • Keldmar does not use a horn to give orders to mercenaries under his command, relying instead upon his bullish voice.
  • Keldmar looked up to Vhandon as his mentor as a youth.
  • The mother of the s'Brydion brothers was poisoned to death by assassins from Adruin.