Kayjon sen'Davvis

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Kayjon sen'Davvis is a townborn master of horse at a stable near Telmandir. He has tea-colored hair, brown eyes, sturdy shoulders, and moves methodically. Kayjon has a reputation for never taking sides in a dispute and might be the best horse handler in the realm.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Reins of Destiny.

Third Age 5018: Kayjon is sleeping in the stable when a king's man from Telmandir arrives with a writ requisitioning his ten best horses and a milch mare. After careful inspection of the writ, he agrees to provision the requested horses, including Shirah and Hazard. Kayjon also states his intent to accompany the horses, despite the king's man's protests.

Several leagues down the road, Kayjon confronts the king's man about the authenticity of the writ. The clansman passes out from the crossbolt wound in his shoulder. Kayjon tends to the wound and continues his questioning when the man awakens. He realizes that the writ was falsified twice and asks the clansman to tell him the whole story, guessing that the mare was needed for a human child. The clansman reveals that word of the High King's death in the fight against the Mistwraith reached the crown council the day before, and treasonous factions threw the trade guilds into revolt. He tells of his cousin, Shassa, who lived in the palace as a wet nurse to the infant princess and secretly had a child with Gierdon s'Lornmein in the free wilds of Carithwyr.

The unnamed clansman tells how he lost a bet to townsfolk in a bar. As a prize, the winners asked for the location of gold supposedly stolen by the Fellowship. The clansman revealed the secret path to the King's Glade in Lithmere, assured in the belief that Paravian presence would prevent townsfolk from actually reaching the location. After leaving the tavern, he stumbled into the rebellion.

Paralyzed with fear, he allowed himself to be carried along as the crowd storms the palace at Telmandir. The unnamed clansman found Shassa and her infant child murdered. The presence of Luhaine's murdered body confirmed that Gierdon's son may have been saved. He learned that Shassa's younger sister fled to the King's Glade in Lithmere to protect Gierdon's son. Pressed to secure horses by his townsfolk friends, he altered the writ in hopes of saving the baby in the free wilds.

Kayjon decides to press on to save the baby, in spite of the clansman's warning that the free wilds and Paravian presence may lead him to insanity. He rides ahead on Hazard, leaving the clansman to delay the town conspirators.