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Jinesse is a fisherman's widow in Merior by the Sea. She is described as thin and stoop-shouldered with wispy hair.


Before the story begins, Jinesse had married a fisherman too spirited for her retiring nature to match. Having lost her husband at sea, she forbids her twin children, Fiark and Feylind from sailing and expects them to apprentice with a craftsman.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books from the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Jinesse is first introduced when Arithon establishes a temporary shipyard in Merior. After her children are exposed to a bout of one of Dakar's profane rants, she visits Arithon with an intent to prevent them from visiting him. Instead, she discovers that Arithon has already created dories for the children. She sketches the seal from his royal signet and brings it to a hostel for identification, where she learns from Claithen who Arithon truly is. After weighing the options, she silently lets her twins' friendship with Arithon continue.

Third Age 5646: When the Talliarthe is complete, Arithon takes Jinesse and the twins on a trip to Innish, easing her fears of the ocean. She accompanies Arithon to his meeting with Dame Deartha and recognizes how the grief over her husband's death might have constrained her own children. When Arithon agrees to remain in Innish at Deartha's request, Jinesse and the twins are transported back home on a reliable merchant vessel.

Captain Dhirken arrives in Merior to rendezvous with Arithon while he's still in Innish. Jinesse informs her of his location. When Arithon returns to Merior after the Spring Equinox, he gives Jinesses a present of a Falgaire crystal bowl and a bolt of blue silk. Jinesse attends the fisherman's wedding where Arithon performs, but finds that his playing does not match the brilliant depths of his previous performances in Innish.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: When Arithon returns home to a destroyed shipyard, Jinesse assists with Tharrick's recovery. The two grow close over time, and Jinesse reveals that while she believes Arithon may be responsible for the deeds he is accused, she does not believe he is evil.

Third Age 5647: When the twins stow away aboard the Khetienn, Tharrick prevents Jinesse from chasing after them to Southshire. Jinesse is singled out during Lysaer's landing as someone who Arithon treated fairly with. Lysaer discovers the Falgaire glass bowl and attempts to convince Jinesse of Arithon's criminal doings. In a misguided attempt to turn her loyalty, he asks that Jinesse take care of Tharrick, who was left as a decoy aboard the burning Shearfast. When asked, Jinesse makes the distinction between Arithon being evil, and Arithon being guilty of criminal acts. Later, Tharrick and Jinesse sneak out of Merior and claim sanctuary with Ath's Adepts, intent on locating the children.

The Adepts send them on to Lord Erlien of Shand, so they are not caught up in Lysaer's coming war. Erlien sends the pair to rejoin Arithon in Vastmark along with a herd of stolen cattle. She is reunited with the twins at Arithon's outpost in the Cascain Islands, but is disappointed to find that they do not agree with her wishes for their futures. She also learns that Arithon is Lysaer's half-brother.

Jinesse and Tharrick travel aboard the Talliarthe with the twins and a loyal seaman of Arithon, so Feylind can prove her sailing skills. On the trip through the straits, Tharrick disables the loyal seaman and flees with Jinesse and the twins. They travel up the coast towards Ithish, but Feylind escapes with the aid of clansmen loyal to Arithon. After Feylind's departure, the remaining three continue on to Innish. Jinesse marries Tharrick in Innish just before the strike at Dier Kenton Vale, in a small ceremony with an adept of Ath's Brotherhood.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: When Feylind visits Innish, Jinesse learns that Arithon has been recovering in her attic, granted permission by Tharrick. She refers to him as a friend, although she does not approve of his activities where her children's safety is concerned.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Feylind mentions that Jinesse still does not allow discussion of Arithon's doings under her roof.

Third Age 5671: The Evenstar makes port in Innish enroute to Alestron. Unable to dissuade Feylind and Teive from a dangerous course, Tharrick reveals the signals needed to reach Alestron's inner harbour, Fiark agrees to sign the ship's manifest, and Jinesse releases Arithon from his oath of protection over the twins by sending the royal signet along with Feylind.


  • Jinesse is two fingers taller than Arithon.