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Jessian is the name of a Koriani initiate who lived in a world far separate from Athera and long before the start of the main story. She has dishwater-blonde hair and slate-colored eyes.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

The Sundering Star

As a teenager, Jessian enlisted with WorldFleet under the name Susan Amanda MacTalvish. Given her clean record, sharp intellect, and linguistic fluency, she quickly rose through a specialist's assignment with Cultural Liaison and reached the higher ranks of WorldFleet in her mid-twenties.

Jessian is visiting a pleasure house between assignments when a house madam addresses her by her secret name. It is revealed that Jessian has been an oath-sworn initiate in the Koriathain since before her WorldFleet enlistment. The madam tells Jessian to prepare for a covert mission for the Koriathain within an upcoming mission to Scathac for WorldFleet and hints at a shift in the balance of power based upon the work of Calum Quaide Kincaid and his six genius colleagues.

WorldFleet sends Jessian to Scathac to negotiate the relocation of the Biedar tribe under PanTac's mandate of forced eviction. She meets her Koriani contact, Adrianna, in Base Port and learns that both WorldFleet and the Koriathain are secretly interested in the Biedar for their use of magic. WorldFleet expects Calum Quaide Kincaid to attack Scathac first with his mighty weapon and estimates eight days before the strike.

After requisitioning supplies, Jessian travels into the desert on a resupply crawler, using Koriani powers to appear ordinary amongst the miners. She mulls over the dilemma of which faction to turn the Biedar over to, and exits the crawler to complete her journey on foot. Caught in a Biedar snare, she awakens tied up and surrounded by Biedar warriors. She pleads with them in warning of the coming attack until she falls unconscious again. The warriors consider that she might be different than those that trespassed before her. They take her to their sacred ground to be tested for Mother Dark's wisdom. While in captivity, Jessian realizes that the Biedar are reading her mind.

After seven days of failed attempts to convince them, Jessian resolves to escape. The Biedar easily prevent her from using her Koriani powers. She has a vision of her death in Scathac's destruction before waking up in the presence of the Biedar Eldest. Through her, Jessian gains a new perspective on her tangled loyalties and understands why the tribe lives in strict isolation. After the tribe speaks for her integrity, the Biedar Eldest agrees to return Jessian to her own kind.

Under the effects of Biedar magic, Jessian observes the imminent destruction of Scathac. She volunteers her strength to the efforts of the Biedar tribe, who work to protect the planet. For an instant, Jessian observes two realities -- one where Scathac is destroyed, and one where it remains whole. She awakens to discover that Biedar magic has saved her, the miners abandoned by PanTac, and the planet as a whole, even though the WorldFleet base has been destroyed. She retains her connection to the Biedar web of awareness and pledges to protect their secrets. In her mind, the Biedar warn that if any of their magic is revealed, they will pursue Jessian's kind for that knowledge to the end of time.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: Elaira travels to Sanpashir Desert in search of answers that the Biedar tribe might provide. A desertman questions whether she might be the first since Jessian to treat with the Biedar in seamless integrity. He refers to Jessian as Jessian Oathkeeper and says that she gave her life to protect their secrets. Having sworn three oaths in conflict with each other, she kept the least convenient one and broke the two that would have caused harm.

The Biedar Eldest reveals that Jessian's death without breaking oath led to the Koriathain's drive to acquire magic by any means possible. The Order entrapped innocents and used drugs to extort the Biedar's ancestral lore.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: At Althain Tower, Sethvir states that the flint knife was created by the Biedar for Jessian's requital.

Third Age 5924: At Kewar Tunnel, Elaira learns that Requiar of the Lassiver heritage stood surety for Jessian's secret, and one of the succeeding generation of the Hasidii heritage broke the covenant. As a result, both lineages assumed the responsibility of mending the breaches in integrity to the end of time.