Jalienne s'Valerient

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Jalienne s'Valerient is the second wife of Cosach s'Valerient. She is described as a pert woman with silver-blond hair.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: Jalienne greets Cosach upon his return to the winter encampment in Halwythwood. She is near term with child at this time.

Cosach holds an extended council meeting to decide how best to support Arithon. The participants argue over direction for over two weeks. Upon hearing that Esfand, Khadrien, and Siantra have left camp with Alithiel, Cosach and Laithen reveal that Dakar's vision had led them to intentionally delay a council decision until the children had been moved to act on their own. Jalienne notes that Elshian's lyranthe was left in the armory.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: In the summer, Jalienne has a four-month-old infant, Cordaya. After Cosach receives word of Esfand and Siantra's return, he asks Jalienne to take over for him at the clan council discussing the True Sect threat from Etarra.