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Ithilt is the eastern principality in the kingdom of Rathain. Although principalities do not have static borders, the general location is bounded on three sides by water: Minderl Bay, the Bay of Eltair, and the Cildein Ocean. To the west are the Skyshiel Mountains.

Ithilt is also the name of the penninsula in this region.

Human-Inhabited Cities

  • Minderl: This city has not yet played a role in the events of the story.

Paravian Ruins

Natural Landmarks

Other Landmarks


  • Unnamed Road: Runs from Minderl north to Werpoint.
  • Unnamed Paravian Road: Starts at Athir and spans the entire penninsula, ending near Highscarp.

External Links

Ithilt on the Interactive Map


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