Great West Road

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The Great West Road is a road running through the Kingdom of Tysan from Karfael in the west to Castle Point in the east. It passes through the Tornir Peaks and the Thaldein Mountains, and goes through the city of Erdane, and near the city of Isaer. The mountainous sections of the road are subject to the seasons, and the passes are generally impassable in the winter.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: The Great West Road is the route taken by Asandir, Dakar, and the half-brothers on their way to Althain Tower.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: When Lysaer travels to Avenor by land to restore the city, he sends back his Etarran divisions at the crossroads near Isaer.

Third Age 5646: Because Pesquil arrives in Erdane in the dead of winter, and he must fare on by way of Teal's Gap rather than take the Great West Road to Avenor.

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