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Gnudsog is the head captain of Etarra's garrison, under the command of Lord Commander Diegan. He is described as a squat, muscular man with scars.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5638: Gnudsog is first introduced when the Etarran messengers run afoul with Kharadmon after the ceremony affirming Arithon's right of succession. When one of the messengers screams names of high-ranking conspirators, Gnudsog breaks his jaw. Later, Gnudsog attempts to access the south ward armory for more weapons, but is thwarted by Traithe.

On the day of the coronation, Gnudsog is ordered to disrupt the ceremony and pulls all his men from the gatehouse to breach the armory. This time, he is denied access by the spells of Sethvir. He is not able to break through until Dakar arrives to let him in following Lysaer's attack on Arithon. When Lysaer awakens in the armory, Diegan dispatches Gnudsog's men to scour the warehouse district for Arithon. While Lysaer brightens Etarra with his gift of Light, Gnudsog and his men round up the last of the looters and rioters. He also sends twenty lancers after Arithon out the north gate. During the meeting between Lysaer and the Governors' Council, Gnudsog is present, writing requisitions for provisions and arms.

Gnudsog heads the war host to Tal Quorin, accompanied by Lysaer and Diegan. When clan children are discovered in Strakewood, practicing javelin tosses, Lysaer orders forty light riders to puruse them. This action begins the massacre of the Battle of Strakewood. After the clans of Deshir flood the Tal Quorin, Gnudsog dies in the river. Pesquil reveals that Gnudsog lost his brother and son to clansmen enroute to a cousin's wedding in East Ward, which is why he didn't question Lysaer's orders. After the battle, Gnudsog's remains are returned to Etarra for burial in the mausoleum reserved for the city's most revered.