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This page allows readers to recall the chapters in which particular plot events occurred in, for the purpose of quickly finding particular scenes or looking up trivia. It is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of the story.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.
  • I. Fionn Areth, Winter 5647: Elaira assists with the birth of Fionn Areth.
    • Crown Council, Winter 5647 - 5648: The clansmen of Camris deliver an ultimatum to Lysaer. Lysaer refuses to accept the burden of crown rule from the town mayors.
    • Stag Hunt, Spring 5648: Mearn meets with Maenol.
    • Three Warnings triplet, Spring - Summer 5648: King Eldir bans slave galleys from Havish / Lysaer's life is pronounced forfeit by the clans / Jieret has a vision
  • IX. Setback, Early Spring 5653: Mearn infiltrates an Alliance camp.
    • Appeals, Early Spring 5653: The Fellowship ask Elaira to help with Arithon's state of mind.
    • Legacy, Early Spring 5653: Mearn agrees to care for Maenol's heir.
    • Three Moments triplet, Early Spring 5653: Felirin plays an old ballad / The brigs with Arithon's collaborators set sail / Mearn hears of Talith's death