Free wilds

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The free wilds are areas of Paravia protected from the encroachment of townsfolk by the Fellowship and the clansmen. Paravian mysteries and frequencies are very strong in these areas -- in fact, the shifting boundaries of each principality are derived from the locations of the free wilds. Traveling through the free wilds can effect a shift in human perception, which leads them to be avoided by townsfolk with minimal latent talent.

High Kings were the first voice in defense of the free wilds. They engaged with centaurs to present and execute petitions as agents of the Fellowship (focusing on what actions mankind could take without altering the overall harmony of the land's mysteries). Since the fall of the High Kings, protection of the free wilds has generally fallen on the clans.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

It is revealed that living clansmen are the only thing protecting the free wilds and upholding the Compact. Without living clansmen, the townsfolk could raze the free wilds and upend the Compact.