Fifth Lane

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The Fifth Lane runs along the longitude of Jaelot in Rathain and Meth Isle Keep in Shand.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: This lane is used to power the defense wards around Mirthlvain Swamp to prevent meth-snakes from migrating.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: The Koriathain conduct a grand scrying along this lane for Arithon. To thwart it, the Fellowship raises a likeness of Arithon over Meth Isle Fortress.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Arithon uses his mastery of music and ties to the land to bind the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Lanes in harmony. This allows him to tame the Lanes and end the unnatural winter brought about by Morriel's attack on Athera (but only within the boundaries of Rathain).

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5925: The execution of Arithon and Valien at Daenfal sends a shock wave along the Fifth Lane.