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Feylind is the daughter of Jinesse in the town of Merior. She has a twin brother named Fiark. The twins have grey eyes and platinum blond hair.

In adulthood, Feylind is a bold and brash woman, taller than most men.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books from the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: When Arithon and Dakar make landfall at Merior, Fiark and Feylind are barely eight years old. They are kept off of the sea by their overprotective mother, who has just lost her husband in a fishing accident. The pair latch onto Arithon and spend all of their time in his shipyard. When the Talliarthe is complete, Arithon takes Jinesse and the twins on a trip to Innish, easing her fears of the ocean.

Third Age 5646: When Arithon agrees to remain in Innish at Deartha's request, Jinesse and the twins are transported back home on a reliable merchant vessel. After Arithon arrives back in Merior with Captain Dhirken, Feylind takes an interest in the Black Drake. The twins are also present at a fisherman's wedding in Merior, bothering their mother for taffy.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: The twins invite Arithon home with them after he returns to the destruction of his shipyard. They are the most vocal in their chastisement of Tharrick for burning the yard, but are scolded by their mother.

Third Age 5647: When the Khetienn is launched and towed to Southshire for completion, the twins stow away. They are chastised by Arithon when the Khetienn eventually rejoins him in the Cascain Islands. When Jinesse tracks the twins down, Feylind has shown promise at sailing, and it is noted that her farsightedness would not be good in a weaver's trade. Arithon offers to teach her the arts of offshore navigation, but cannot convince Jinesse. As a compromise, Arithon allows Feylind to command the Talliarthe on its next run, supported by Tharrick and a loyal seaman, in hopes that it will convince Jinesse.

On the trip through the straits, Tharrick disables the loyal seaman and flees with Jinesse and the twins. They travel up the coast towards Ithish. Feylind attracts the attention of Shand's clansmen through an emergency whistle pattern learned from Arithon and leaves with them to rejoin Arithon. Feylind eventually meets back up with Arithon aboard the Khetienn. They sail together in search of the Lost Isles of Min Pierens.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: When news of Lysaer's clan slavery edict surfaces, Arithon returns to the continent while Feylind remains behind with the crew at Corith. She bets Dakar that Arithon will not return before solstice.

Third Age 5649: Feylind travels with Arithon in search of the Paravians in Kathtairr.

Third Age 5652: Feylind is 18 years old and is described as equally tall as Arithon with her hair in a single braid. Upon returning to Corith, Arithon gives her control of a captured Riverton ship, with orders to engage in honest charter.

Third Age 5653: Feylind visits Fiark in Innish aboard the Evenstar. The pair boards the Cariadwin to meet with clan captives from Tysan.

In late summer, Feylind visits Innish again, but just misses Arithon, who was recovering in Tharrick and Jinesse's attic. Arithon leaves behind a letter, granting ownership of the Evenstar to Fiark and Feylind.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Feylind visits Innish and pleads with Fiark to learn where Arithon's supply drops occur. Fiark reminds her that Arithon has left explicit instructions to keep the Evenstar clear.

Third Age 5667: Feylind is in Morvain on the Summer Solstice, seeking out a deckhand who has gone ashore without leave. His injuries lead her to cross paths with Elaira, who offers a roundabout warning to Arithon about the Koriani plot and Cerebeld's priesthood. Enroute to points south, Feylind transports Keldmar s'Brydion and Traithe to Alestron, but does not linger there.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Delayed by a month, Dakar and Fionn Areth learn that the Evenstar has already left Tharidor by the time they reach Shipsport. In late spring, Feylind is shown via Sethvir's earth link, wondering where Arithon is. Later, she arrives home at Innish to protest about Fiark's plan to send the Evenstar to Havish to help with the famine. By this time, she has had a son and daughter with her first mate, Teive, and the pair live with Fiark and his wife, Corra.

Arriving in Telmandir, Feylind encounters Princess Ellaine disguised as a slop taker, and offers the Evenstar's cabin for a private audience with King Eldir. When Eldir cannot offer sanctuary, Ianfar s'Gannley takes Ellaine under his protection with intent to sail on the Evenstar to Alestron. Enroute to Alestron, Feylind's first mate, Teive, convinces her to put in at Innish to reprovision. Feylind delivers Princess Ellaine to Alestron.

In a hurry to get Fionn Areth offshore, she collects Dakar from a brothel before he can warn her to stay within Alestron's warded walls and sets sail again. Feylind is reunited with Arithon when he appears onboard the Evenstar to protect it from a Koriani plot. She and her crew follow his instructions to defend against an imminent fiend storm. During the assault, she realizes how different Arithon is from her mate, Teive, and chooses the life she already leads.

Third Age 5671: After the attack, Feylind and her crew repair the Evenstar with help from Arithon's captured iyats. Arithon arranges to rejoin the Khetienn by using an iyat as a messenger and asks Feylind to sail on to Southshire and then Innish. She asks Fiark to look into the Innish shipworker who sabotaged her ship for the Koriathain and then begs for a cargo headed west to Havish.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: In autumn, Feylind is in Vhalzein when she learns of the siege of Alestron. After several more trade runs, she and Teive decide to sail to Havish to petition King Eldir for a relief run to Alestron. King Eldir agrees, contingent on the grounds that the Evenstar take independent responsibility for the delivery. The Evenstar makes port in Innish enroute to Alestron. Unable to dissuade Feylind and Teive from a dangerous course, Tharrick reveals the signals needed to reach Alestron's inner harbour, Fiark agrees to sign the ship's manifest, and Jinesse releases Arithon from his oath of protection over the twins by sending the royal signet along with Feylind.

The Evenstar makes port in Adruin in early winter. After a cargo inspection, the crew stays in town for the night before making the trip up the estuary to Alestron. Nearing the Sea Gate, the Evenstar gives the impression that it is disabled while sending coded signals to Alestron's defenders. Lysaer attacks with Light to prevent the supply from reaching Alestron and Arithon reflexively defends with Shadow. Parrien's war galley is launched to defend the ship and tow it through the Sea Gate, but an Alliance boarding party has already killed most of the crew. Protected by Teive, Feylind survives long enough to return Arithon's royal signet and see the supplies reach Alestron's defenders.