Felirin the Scarlet

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Felirin is an Atheran bard who has the troublesome habit of playing songs of the old kingdoms for unsympathetic townsfolk. He has hazel eyes and wavy grey hair, and wears a brilliant scarlet garment sewn with tassels.

Felirin rides an iron gray gelding with snowflake dapples and a bridle with similar red tassels.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: Felirin is abandoned by his caravan in Westwood Forest for playing the "wrong" music. He joins the party of Asandir, Dakar, and the half-brothers, accompanying them through the Tornir Peaks to Erdane. After hearing Arithon play his lyranthe, Felirin makes him swear to accept Halliron the Masterbard's apprenticeship should the opportunity ever arise. Upon arriving in Erdane, Felirin plays at the Four Ravens. When Arithon gets into trouble here, he assists with Elaira's rescue attempt. No mention is made of Felirin when the party leaves Erdane, so it is presumed that he remains behind.

Third Age 5638: When Halliron offers an apprenticeship to Arithon, Arithon jokes that Felirin must have prescience.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Felirin sings the Ballad of Tal Quorin at a tavern in Korias and is arrested by the Crown Examiner for threatening innocents by singing of legends. He is condemned to burn in a public execution but is rescued by Arithon and Dakar. In a daze from the fires, he identifies Arithon to Crown Examiner Vorrice. Pursued by Sulfin Evend's men, Dakar acts upon Asandir's abstruse guidance and leads Arithon and Felrin into a grimward northeast of Middlecross. Taking care to prevent destructive changes, the party survives the crossing with the aid of Asandir who uses his power to stabilize the grimward. The grimward crossing takes 3 months, and the party reappears in Caithwood during the summer months. Traithe tends to Felirin who has lost fingertips to fire damage. Felirin ultimately ends up in Innish where he takes up residence with Halliron's spinster daughter, Hettia. He can no longer play the lyranthe because of his damaged fingers.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: When Parrien encounters Arithon in the Sanpashir ruins, Arithon appears to be playing Felirin's old lyranthe, identified by a scarlet silk with tassels.