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Feithan is the wife of Jieret s'Valerient. She is small with subtle strength, and has brown eyes and ebony hair.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: Feithan is first introduced at Jieret's wedding, but is not referred to by name.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: When Jieret has a Sighted vision of Arithon's execution, a pregnant Feithan helps him pack the necessities for an overlands trek to reach Arithon.

Third Age 5653: In the winter, Asandir travels to Feithan's clan encampment in Daon Ramon Barrens to name the caithdein's heir. He assists her with preparing hides for curing, using a spell to dry the hides.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: When Braggen returns to Halwythwood, he gives Feithan a fox pelt and shares news of Arithon's escape into Kewar Tunnel.

Third Age 5671: Elaira arrives in camp ahead of Arithon and accepts guest welcome from Feithan. After the rejected guest oath between Jeynsa and Arithon, Arithon formally reports Jieret's death to Feithan. She offers her bed to the exhausted prince after Barach's oath of fealty. The next day, Feithan chases off children gathered around a drunken Dakar and overhears his prediction of the birth of a baby girl. Feithan shares that she helped Elaira prepare a decoction to prevent conception and gathers tienelle to help Dakar locate Arithon.

Feithan attends the council between Barach, the clan elders, and others. When Elaira returns, she argues that the clansmen should have allowed Arithon his free choice to act upon Selidie's trap. Feithan later learns that Jeynsa traveled to the clan seat in Melhalla to raise a formal inquiry of Arithon's actions related to necromancy.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5672: After events at Athir, Arithon mentions to Asandir that Sidir will wed Feithan. She welcomes him home in Halwythwood in the spring.