Falion sen Ardhai

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Falion sen Ardhai is a royal messenger in Karfael. He has brown hair.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Decoy.

With a townborn craftsman as a father and a clan mother distantly related to the s'Ilessid royal family, Falion was raised first as a tradesman and took his father's town surname.

Falion associated with Tiorren s'Gannley, Jaegan, and Leylie as a child. [Tiorren]] and his friends once left Falion in the palace dungeon at Avenor with a sack tied over his head. This trauma unintentionally awakened his latent clan heritage at the expense of the dexterity needed to be a guild artisan. Falion also took the blame for an urn shattered by Tiorren's horseplay, stifling the draw of s'Ilessid justice to avoid trouble with Jaegan and Leylie. The trio hid Falion in the cistern until his father's temper had passed.

At the age of 12, Falion withstood the test of direct exposure to Paravian presence. However, his father refused to allow a permanent clan tattoo, worried for the ridicule it might bring to his glass forge. As town opinions of clansmen worsened, Falion's mother and sister ultimately fled to join their kin.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Decoy.

Third Age 5018: Falion is one of four "unmarked" messengers, people with clan backgrounds who do not bear obvious tattoos from withstanding the tests of Paravian exposure. An incoming clan messenger from Caithwood reports that the High King of Tysan and his entire company were killed holding the line against the Mistwraith. The relay captain asks Falion to bring warning of a guild conspiracy to the queen-regent in Avenor (in spite of his distant familial ties to the s'Ilessid name), hoping that his town roots will allow him to enter Avenor without raising guild suspicions. The clan messenger passes Falion his black band of mourning and instructs him not to inform the queen-regent of her brother and nephew's deaths until she has reached safety. He states that Asandir has asked for Eveny s'Ilessid, her grown daughter, to accept the burden of crown succession.

The effects of the flux stream on Falion's clan senses is tamed in partnership with Swallow, his mare. He crosses the free wilds, changing mounts at clan outposts until he reaches Avenor. In Avenor's post house, he accidentally reveals his black band of mourning and learns that the guild conspirators are using the bands as a covert means of identification. A conspirator warns him to show the band after nightfall or risk murder for being on the wrong side.

Falion feels the effects of the upcoming conflict in the flux as he crosses the town. He gains access to the palace by pretending to bear supply lists from West End. Before reaching the queen-regent, Falion is waylaid and knocked unconscious by Jaegan, Leylie, and Tiorren. He awakens locked in the palace's siege cistern. After several hours, he hears Jaegan and Leylie under duress outside and hides inside of the cistern. The guild conspirators stab Jaegan to make Leylie talk, and then kill her when she refuses.

Once the conspirators have searched the vault and departed, Falion finds that Jaegan has survived and blocked the door with his body to prevent it from being relocked. Jaegan reveals that the queen-regent is still alive and in danger. He says that Tiorren's failed idea was to serve up Falion as a diversion, allowing time for Saigad to get Cindein to safety. With Saigad dead, Falion is the queen-regent's last hope. Falion stays with Jaegan until his death, just after midnight, and disguises himself as Jaegan's murderer.

He relies on his clan perceptions and townborn speech to navigate through the conspirators and reaches Tehaval Warden's warded protections deep within the palace. His distant kinship to the s'Ilessid family allows him to open the warded door to find Cindein. Cindein tells Falion that Eveny s'Ilessid was killed when the palace apartments were overrun and Saigad died as a diversion to draw off pursuit. She implores Falion to warn the clan outposts of the threat to the Compact, since he has a better chance of maneuvering through the townsfolk of Avenor. When Falion refuses to leave her behind, she offers to accompany him.

The pair is noticed in the palace by a mob and Cindein asks Falion to kill her. He realizes that she merely accompanied him to provide a decoy for his own escape. When Cindein realizes that Falion will disregard her command, she impales herself on his knife and dies at the hands of the mob. Cindein's death leaves only three s'Ilessid kinsman alive in the world, and Falion feels the s'Ilessid royal gift of justice grow inside of him. He is able to flee the city to warn the clans because of Cindein's sacrifice.

In the aftermath, Falion's mother and sister survives and continues the s'Ilessid bloodline. Falion takes on the s'Ilessid name and answers the Fellowship's call to become the next High King of Tysan. He wields the crown jewels on the line of defense against the Mistwraith and dies when the Mistwraith smothers Falwood to the border of Lithmere. Falion's handwritten account of Cindein's actions is salvaged for posterity along with the s'Ilessid genealogy.