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Faery-toes is the name of a bony brown chestnut gelding won by Dakar over a game of dice with mercenaries in Ships of Merior.

More accustomed to pack straps hung with cooking pots than to bearing saddle and rider, the creature had walleyes and knock-knees, and a tail tripped of hair like a rat's . . . More a shambling liability than a source of reliable transport, the chestnut changed nature like a weathercock, friendly and fiendish by turns.[1]

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5645: Because of Faery-toes' antics, Dakar is arrested at the entrance to Jaelot. After Dakar's trial, the horse is confiscated by the town of Jaelot. After a round of further destruction in the stables, Faery-toes is consigned to the knacker's -- the undersecretary notes that the proceeds from horsehide, glue, and dogmeat would scarcely conver the costs of the damages.


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