Elaira - Role in the Story (Traitor's Knot)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Third Age 5670: Elaira is shown via Sethvir's earth link, longing for Arithon.

Third Age 5671: Elaira has spent five seasons at Whitehaven by now. She connects to Arithon through her quartz crystal after he makes landfall in Selkwood, but their reunion is interrupted by Glendien. Before severing the connection, she agrees to meet Arithon in Halwythwood after the thaws.

Elaira crosses Daon Ramon Barrens and warns the clans in Halwythwood of Arithon's arrival. She accepts guest welcome in Feithan's lodge but gives Arithon the space he needs to complete his feal obligations, choosing to wait in an oak grove near camp. During Barach's oath of fealty, Elaira rushes back to camp, worried that Arithon's exhaustion will prevent him from completing the tradition. She stays with the prince as he recovers from the large amount of brandy consumed during the guest oath, gently healing his imbalanced aura without using her Koriani skills. When Arithon awakens, the reunited pair search for potential Koriani traps in Elaira's being. Arithon discovers that any consummation of their love will enact a completion of Rathain's higher mysteries.

He takes Elaira into the forest using his sovereign tie to the land to enforce privacy, unaware that Selidie plots to enslave his unborn heir. Their consummation is arrested through the efforts of Kharadmon and Dakar who breach Arithon's wards and prevent Selidie's trap from springing. Because Arithon is still ritually fused to the land, Dakar's intervention is needed to unleash the grand confluence. Selidie's trap, which would have caused conception in Elaira and forced Arithon to father a child on every woman in the future, is revealed in the aftermath and Elaira learns that her memory was altered when her bargain was struck in Highscarp. When Kharadmon puzzles over why Ath's Adepts returned Elaira's spell crystal to the Koriathain, Elaira informs him that the crystal chose to serve by free choice. Elaira returns to camp the next evening and argues that the clansmen should have allowed Arithon his free choice to act upon Selidie's trap. When the clans learns that Jeynsa actually traveled to Melhalla, Sidir and Elaira are dispatched to track her down.