Elaira - Role in the Story (Stormed Fortress)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Third Age 5671: Elaira is informed of Arithon's survival by Davien. Resolved to return Jeynsa home, Sidir and Elaira pursue the girl down the River Arwent. Sidir distrusts the Koriani threat that Elaira represents, but allows her to scry for Jeynsa's location. After Sidir allows himself to be caught and placed on a barge to be sold into slavery, Elaira must follow his lead. She helps him escape when the barge nears Shipsport.

With Atwood sealed, the pair flee south and Elaira performs a scrying to locate Arithon addressing Selkwood's clan elders. When she observes Arithon awakening 12 Paravian markers, she realizes that Jeynsa has headed to Alestron. Elaira and Sidir, joined by Dakar, make their way to Alestron where they scale the lower wall and are taken captive for a hearing with Duke Bransian at Wyntok Gate. Unable to get Arithon's whereabouts from Dakar, Duke Bransian consents to the mandate of Melhalla's caithdein to allow the trio to convince Jeynsa to leave freely. Through his connection with Elaira, Arithon experiences this attempt firsthand. Jeynsa, dressed in caithdein's black, arrives with Talvish, but remains steadfast in her plan to support Alestron. Elaira learns that Arithon intends to come to Alestron on his own terms, and he passes a request to Sidir that the clansman stand as his spokesman for Fionn Areth's many questions.

When approached by Mearn, Elaira agrees to lend her healing arts to the keep's wounded without Koriani debt. Elaira approaches Sidir to question his avoidance of Fionn Areth and convinces him to follow through on Arithon's request to be the prince's spokesman. Anticipating the day that Arithon will arrive, Elaira greets Davien, who brings Arithon, Kyrialt, and Glendien into Alestron. They take residence in the drumkeep where Elaira is staying and are met by Dakar and Mearn before word of Arithon's arrival has reached Bransian.

After Arithon's concert at Dame Dawr's, his time with Elaira is interrupted by Fianzia, who has been sent on Talvish's orders. Elaira and Arithon rush to Sidir's aid and use their combined Koriani and Masterbard powers to try and save the dying clansman. Selidie attempts to interfere with the healing through Elaira's spell crystal, but is prevented when Alithiel and the wards under Alestron sound in Sidir's defense. With the help of Mearn and Dame Dawr's carriage, Arithon, an unconscious Elaira, Dakar, and Sidir return to the guest tower. Short on time in the unfolding crisis, Arithon realizes that consummation with Elaira is the quickest path to recovery from exhaustion brought on by magecraft. He requests simples from Glendien and revokes Dakar's permissions to ensure his privacy. The couple's consummation raises the wards in Alithiel and Alestron's walls, cutting off Selidie Prime's sigil of fertility.

As Arithon seeks a way to awaken the Paravian wards in Alestron, Elaira provides healing to Alestron's troops, assisted by Glendien. She realizes that her shared time with Arithon will end if the prince can successfully end the siege. With no clear plan in the offing, Bransian challenges Elaira over his perception of Arithon's cowardice but gains no satisfaction. Arithon confides in Elaira that he has not found a way to save Alestron, but will try to save Jeynsa at least on the following day. The pair spend one final night together.

Arithon uses his Masterbard's arts to awaken Alithiel, and Sidir, Jeynsa, Elaira, Mearn, and Fianzia use the opening to leave by way of the Sea Gate. While traveling, Elaira becomes aware of Selidie Prime's meddling and decides to return to Alestron. Delayed by rough weather, she finally reaches the citadel and instructs Dakar in the construction of a talisman that will allow a rescue attempt for Parrien's men. Dakar makes her realize that Selidie wanted her to return. Elaira and Kyrialt keep vigil on Arithon as he continues to channel Alithiel. Elaira sends Talvish to collect Dakar from his rescue mission when Lysaer prepares to leave the battlefront. Backed by Kyrialt, Dakar and Elaira reach Arithon's awareness to cancel Alithiel's song.

In a subsequent attack of sappers and galleys, Elaira and Glendien are called to heal the last survivors in a messenger's boat. When the last of the men are cared for, Vhandon comes to collect Elaira and Glendien, warning them of Arithon's plan to reawaken Alithiel. Elaira discovers that Dakar has set boundaries around Arithon's awareness with full permission. Upon arrival at the keep, she learns that Alithiel would not reawaken and recognizes that Arithon's plan was intended to keep Fionn Areth safe.

When the sea quarter is breached, Elaira and Glendien are joined by Arithon, who uses his Masterbard talents to assist with healing. After Kyrialt is killed and Arithon is gravely wounded by Parrien, Elaira attends to the prince's injuries. Without time for a more measured approach to spirit-walk, Elaira uses the Atheran crystal from Highscarp to staunch Arithon's bleeding. Arithon is covered with Davien's cloak, which conceals his identity, and Elaira, Dakar, Talvish, Glendien, and Parrien arrange in subterfuge as the first Alliance forces enter the sea quarter. Elaira and Glendien convince an Alliance sergeant, Gevard, that the sail-loft is a Koriani hospice. Gevard arranges for the healers and wounded to be transported out of danger to the main Alliance camp.

Sulfin Evend meets the galley bearing Elaira and insists on examining all of the wounded to make sure there are no fugitives in the group. In spite of the magic in Davien's cloak, Sulfin Evend's s'Gannley gifts allow him to recognize Arithon disguised as a blind man. Parrien regains consciousness and attacks Sulfin Evend, reclaimed by Selidie Prime's geas, causing Talvish to draw Alithiel. The sword's song incapacitates everyone except Elaira, Talvish, and Dakar, and Sethvir (through the Atheran crystal) urges Elaira to escape on the tide. The group escapes to the Cildein Ocean in a scheduled courier sloop. On the subsequent trip to Athir, Elaira keeps watch over Arithon, who has not regained consciousness after Alithiel's song. She puts Parrien at ease by showing him scenes from the Siege of Alestron in her spell crystal, and he warns her that Dakar may be up to something.

The party lands at Athir to await Fellowship help, but no Sorcerer has arrived by the time Arithon's unconscious body starts to lose vitality. Dakar suggests that Winter Solstice could be used to invoke Rathain's crown sanction, using Glendien as a proxy instead of Elaira to avoid Prime Selidie's control over the conceived child. Elaira chooses an untested path between the machinations of the Fellowship and Koriathain to save Arithon. Arithon is placed at the Paravian focus circle with Talvish sworn to stand watch. To involve the Fellowship in any possible traps that Selidie might have planned, Elaira has Dakar swear an oath of debt over the crown of Rathain rather than Arithon's name. With Parrien protecting her, Elaira enacts a Koriani spell of possession that will allow her to interact with Arithon through Glendien's willing body. She uses the Atheran crystal to grant Sethvir oversight in the ceremony. In Glendien's body, Elaira calls Arithon back with her love and triggers the land's flux through the focus circle. Koriani scryers become aware of the rite but cannot interfere. Arithon is made whole again and sung to sleep by Biedar singing in Sanpashir, unaware of his daughter's conception. It is also revealed that the Biedar unravelled Selidie's sigil of forced conception. Glendien is sent to Althain Tower by Luhaine and Arithon awakens with Elaira under Talvish's guard.

Asandir arrives at Athir and Elaira states her plan to return to the Koriathain to learn why her spell crystal chose to stay in service with her. Asandir suggests that she travel with Arithon aboard the Khetienn, since Arithon plans to visit Selkwood and Innish to offer his condolences to Erlien and Feylind's family.