Elaira - Role in the Story (Ships of Merior)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5645: Elaira is assigned to the Forthmark hospice preparing remedies for Vastmark shephards. She is summoned before the Prime Enchantress after a grand scrying to submit her crystal for longevity enhancement. She chooses to do so, based upon Sethvir's augury. Three months into the process (on midsummer solstice), Elaira (whose body is in the Forthmark hospice) is drawn into the Senior Council's scrying for Arithon along the Seventh Lane, because her longevity enhancement is being channeled through the Skyron Focus. She awakens to discover Luhaine, who secretly realigns her longevity to conform to natural laws.

When Arithon surfaces in Merior, Elaira is sent on Morriel's orders to insinuate herself as his mistress. She meets with Arithon and then sets up shop selling simples.

Third Age 5646: During Arithon's travels to Innish, Elaira stays put in Merior, and is relieved when he returns before she is forced to follow after him. Arithon requests her assistance in learning of herbals and remedies, and the pair spend time studying flora along Sickle Bay. She learns that Arithon had known what might happen before his defense at Tal Quorin. After an accident involving a fisherman's son, Elaira inadvertently forces Arithon to reveal his blinded magesight. The pair heal the fisherman through a combination of Koriani arts and Arithon's Masterbard gifts, resulting in a lingering empathic bond between them. Arithon discovers that Elaira's love is real, but leaves with the belief that he might lead her to break her vows of obedience. In the wake of the news that Great Waystone has been located, Elaira is recalled from her charge, and leaves Merior.