Elaira - Role in the Story (Peril's Gate)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5671: In the aftermath of Arithon's escape, Elaira offers her sympathy to Lirenda, who spurns it. The pair travel to Highscarp with other sorceresses for an audience with Selidie. Elaira is directly summoned to meet with Selidie upon arrival, and is warned by Lirenda to behave as if Morriel is still present. When Selidie reports on Arithon's status, Elaira refuses to betray him further, even at the expense of her vows of obedience. Instead, Selidie swears on the Great Waystone that Elaira will never be forced to betray him. Elaira brokers a deal to assist Arithon, while realizing that any help would trigger a Koriani oath of debt. She receives a spell crystal with which to track Arithon.

After the meeting, Elaira purchases a quartz crystal from Henlyie in the market and rents a room at a boardinghouse on Cod Street. Wary of potential traps, she clears Selidie's offered spell crystal in a bucket of seawater from the harbor. Before she can perform this ritual on her personal spell crystal (possibly undoing her own longevity bindings), she is visited by one of Ath's Adepts. The adept reveals that the Koriani spell crystals were brought to Athera and are outside the Compact, and offers her new paths to knowledge should she journey to the hostel near Eastwall. At Sethvir's request, the adept offers to return Elaira's personal spell crystal to the sisterhouse, rather than let it be cleared in seawater.

Elaira feels the moment that Arithon is knocked unconscious near Ithamon. A sending of Ath's Adepts gives her the strength to reach Whitehaven, under the watchful eye of a golden eagle. With the support of Ath's Adepts, she is able to enter the sanctuary at Whitehaven and experience her true self. She uses the element of Water to scry for Arithon and notes that someone with talent has magnified feelings of fear in Jaelot's guardsmen. Later, Elaira is visited by a live Riathan Paravian which blesses her. One of Ath's Adepts notes that she will not remember the visit upon awakening. She remains unconscious for three days afterwards.

While at Whitehaven, Elaira learns from the adepts and comes to understand that her spell crystal is a living, free consciousness. When Arithon binds his spirit to Alithiel, the empathic link between him and Elaira disappears. She forms a sigil for guidance and is revived by Ath's Adepts, who take her to the Sacred Grove where Davien has answered her sigil. When she recognizes him, he asks that she not speak his name aloud. He offers to bring her along on a flight of reconnaissance in Daon Ramon Barrens. With Davien, Elaira observes the movements of Sulfin Evend, Arithon and Braggen, Jieret's clansmen, and the advancing armies. Elaira learns of Lirenda's spell upon the Jaelot guard captain. She asks Davien to follow Jieret, in hopes of masking the importance of Braggen's escape. When Jieret is taken prisoner by Sulfin Evend, Elaira realizes that she cannot act without causing a Koriani oath of debt. Instead, Davien makes a bargain with her: he will provide Jieret with the opportunity to request Fellowship help in free will in exchange for Elaira's presence as a living witness. Elaira agrees. Selidie Prime summons Elaira with the cipher of command, hoping to trap Davien through the linkage of their bargain. When the attempt fails, Elaira's spirit is safely returned to Whitehaven.

Elaira senses Arithon's grief when Jieret is killed by Lysaer in Daon Ramon Barrens.

Through the spell crystal, Elaira watches as Arithon is pursued by Etarran troops to Kewar Tunnel. In dreams, Elaira discovers a way to join Arithon through the grove of the Whitehaven hostel. She is warned of the dangers by Ath's Adepts but chooses to join him anyhow, arriving as he relives their initial meeting in Erdane. She hides herself behind wards of concealment and observes the events leading up to the failed coronation in Etarra and the Battle of Strakewood. When Arithon recovers his mage talent during a reliving, he discovers Elaira, and claims her as an inseparable part of himself to protect her from Kewar Tunnel's defenses. Once Arithon passes through the first stage of the maze successfully, Elaira's spirit spins free to return to her body in Whitehaven.