Elaira - Role in the Story (Destiny's Conflict)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: In the basement of an inn near Durn, Elaira scrys for Arithon's condition. She observes as he calms Vivet and accompanies her to Elaira's hut in the Storlain Mountains. Vivet reveals that she was waylaid while returning home.

Near Shipsport, Elaira observes Arithon on the moment he claim's custody of Vivet's unborn child until puberty.

By autumn, Elaira has crossed Rathain via the Old Way. She is flushed from cover north of Halwythwood by a True Sect diviner and breaks her ankle in flight. When she touches Arithon's royal signet with plans to keep it out of the True Sect's reach, she is able to claim assistance from Sethvir, who transfers her directly to Althain Tower. She learns that Sethvir has acted upon the request of the Biedar Eldest through word from the Reiyaj Seeress, since the Fellowship cannot intervene in the fate of Arithon or his royal signet. Elaira reveals that she could easily dispel Vivet's glamour from afar but she has deduced that a male child of Arithon and Vivet would free Arithon from the terms of the Fellowship's oath of nonintervention.

Sethvir explains to Elaira the off-world origins of the flint knife and the involvement of Jessian of the Koriathain. He states that Elaira's similarity in character to Jessian may have caused the Biedar Eldest to select her as the champion to redeem the wrongs inflicted by the Koriathain, even though the Biedar Eldest only asked her to pass the flint knife on to Arithon. She gets permission to study relevant sections of history in Althain Tower's library during her recovery, with a cryptic hint to seek out books on necromancy elsewhere.

While healing, Elaira has a vision of Arithon performing for the Ettinfolk, and realizes that he will soon depart the Ettinmere Settlement. She asks Sethvir about the danger presented by the Ettinmere shamans, and receives the obtuse knowledge that Kharadmon once enspelled the library to present books without the need to search for them. A book cataloging the hostels of Ath's Adepts circa Third Age 1450 drops at her feet as he speaks. Elaira learns that the hostel at Ettinmere Settlement had been wrested from the brotherhood's vigilance at some point in the past. Her desire to read archaic Paravian to learn more is answered by Shehane Althain. Gifted with knowledge, she learns that the major fault-lines in the Storlain Mountains threatened to cause cataclysm after the Paravians stopped stabilizing them and disappeared. The Ettin shamans' ancestors were once Ath's Adepts who renounced their passive tenets to stabilize these faults. Elaira realizes that defeating them might rupture the major fault-lines in the Storlain Mountains, an act that would require the Fellowship to destroy Arithon first in order to protect Athera for the Paravians.

Sethvir states that Athera's mysteries have faced cataclysm three other times, always triggered by drakes. Only one of these cataclysms occurred under the Fellowship's guardianship, and none of them occurred after the Compact was formed. Sethvir tells Elaira that storms will close the northern harbors, preventing her from leaving for Kewar Tunnel before the spring. Throughout the winter, Elaira can discover nothing further about the flint knife.

Third Age 5924: Elaira observes Roaco's attack while Arithon is distracted by Vivet's unnatural charms. Through Arithon's royal signet, Elaira challenges Roaco anonymously. Her bluff succeeds in forcing the shamans to proceed more cautiously.

In the spring, Elaira leaves for the Mathorn Mountains. Her sympathetic reaction to Arithon knocked unconscious by Cosach on Tiendarion alerts the Koriathain that she has left Althain Tower. Her attempt to reach him instead shows Kharadmon, who charges Dakar to defend Halwythwood and disowns Cosach from his duties as caithdein.

While traveling south from Isaer, Elaira notices that the slate floor of a tavern is amplifying dissent and misfortune of travelers and Sunwheel troops. She suspects that it is the work of Dakar.

Elaira arrives in East Bransing to find the border crossing closed by a True Sect mandate. When a True Sect officer attempts to draft a matron with children, Elaira tries to interfere but is knocked unconscious. She awakens to find herself pressed into service as a drudge along with the matron, Liess.

From Daon Ramon Barrens, Selidie uses Elaira's spell crystal to amplify Vivet's longings.

Along the Mathorn Road, Elaira slips away from the True Sect army to reach Kewar Tunnel. She reaches the entrance to Kewar Tunnel in late autumn. Unable to breach Davien's defenses on her own, she uses the flint knife and the single boon granted by the Biedar to gain entry. She is met just over the threshold by Davien. He hints that Asandir's oath of nonintervention might hinge on Arithon's offspring and suggests that Elaira read the diaries of Enithen Tuer. She learns that Requiar of the Lassiver heritage stood surety for Jessian's secret, and one of the succeeding generation of the Hasidii heritage broke the covenant. As a result, both lineages assumed the responsibility of mending the breaches in integrity to the end of time, with the flint knife as the physical representation of this intent. Davien examines the flint knife and suggests that it offers a consensual way to interact with Biedar ancestry. He tells Elaira that Enithen Tuer's diaries were unsanctioned, transcribed from knowledge stolen by the Koriathain and preserved in a spell crystal.

In the following months, Elaira learns the history of Audua Sedjii an Teshua from Davien and Enithen Tuer's diaries. Based on her findings, she decides to search the histories of royal families on Athera, to determine how the Biedar heritages became entwined with the s'Ahelas family. She learns that Arithon and Lysaer share a connection to the Lassiver lineage of the Biedar tribe through their s'Ahelas ancestry.

Third Age 5925: Shielded within Kewar Tunnel, Elaira remains unaware of Arithon's encounter with a wild Riathan Paravian on Los Lier. Through additional weeks of study, she learns that the flint knife was designed to sunder magical bindings. A cryptic conversation with Davien makes her realize that Arithon has discovered the Paravians' sanctuary and is now moving to challenge the Ettin shamans. After the shamans have captured Arithon, Elaira finally convinces Davien to let her depart. She encounters Dakar and Tarens heading south when leaving Kewar Tunnel. She reveals that Arithon has been captured by the Ettin shamans, as reported by Sethvir. The trio travel south across Daon Ramon Barrens with Dakar keeping knowledge of what is guaranteed to occur in Daenfal from Elaira.

After a scrying shows Arithon turning towards West Halla, Elaira considers the drastic measure of rejoining the True Sect host in subterfuge. She resumes her role as a True Sect harness mender with Dakar as her assistant, and arranges a position for Tarens under his father, who is now a True Sect veteran.

Elaira feels the effects when Arithon is captured by the Koriathain and bled to weaken him. She tells Dakar and Tarens that Lirenda Prime has made a bargain with the True Sect. In exchange for Arithon's execution, the High Temple of the Light will offer a sanctioned blessing of the Koriathain, allowing them to practice magecraft under Canon Law. When the True Sect army learns that Arithon has been captured, Tarens' father returns from patrol with orders to erect a scaffold for a noon execution.

The trio are hiding in the scaffold when Arithon is being transported to his execution. Elaira notes that Arithon has named Valien as his heir, not realizing that the Fellowship cannot intercede. Dakar and Tarens realize that they have seen the altar above the scaffold before with Sight and Dakar warns everyone to hold steady until the Koriathain's hold on the crown of Rathain has completed. After Arithon is struck by The Hatchet's sword, Elaira pushes past Dakar's objections and tends to Arithon. She realizes that Davien's binding from the Five Centuries Fountain is also subject to the Fellowship's oath of nonintervention and extends her own life force to keep Arithon stable while Tarens defends her.

As soon as the oath of nonintervention is fulfilled, Asandir arrives and raises a defensive ward around the scaffold across time and space. He asks Elaira to begin healing Arithon with Kharadmon's assistance. Dakar and Tarens build a litter to transport the prince. At twilight, they transport Arithon through Daenfal to Daenfal Lake, where they vanish.