Elaira - Role in the Story (Curse of the Mistwraith)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: Elaira is first introduced at the Prime's summer residence near Kelsing. After skipping lane watch duty, Lirenda orders her to stand an eighteen-hour watch on the Second Lane.

When sent to Erdane by Morriel Prime to deliver some scrolls to a Koriani matron, she takes the opportunity to visit the house of Enithen Tuer in order to meet the half-brothers and talk to Asandir. She then gambles with Dakar at the Four Ravens, hoping that this outrageous behavior will cover up her visit with Asandir from the lane watch. When Arithon gets in trouble here, she uses her magic to get him to safety in the hayloft, where lane watch discovers her. She faces a Ceremonial Inquiry for her indiscretions before the Prime and Lirenda and is put in probation. From here, she travels to the Koriani hostel in Hanshire.

Third Age 5638: Although she is not present, Elaira's caring for Arithon is used in a scrying by the Prime and Lirenda, while the half-brothers battle the Mistwraith from Kieling Tower. Following the upset of this scrying, she is recalled to meet the Prime at Mainmere. In transit, at a fendwellers' village near Mogg's Fen, she observes the night sky for the first time. Lirenda sends her a message via the Second Lane redirecting her to Etarra. She travels in haste, by way of Mathorn Road.

When Arithon builds ships out of shadows for the beggar children, Elaira is present, disguised in rags. Her task is to judge the half-brothers for the Koriathain, and she runs away when Lysaer approaches. Next, Elaira meets with Lysaer in one of Morfett's gardens late at night.

Elaira is recalled to Narms after the failed coronation, when she is suspected of knowing more than revealed about the Fellowship's actions. Morriel, Lirenda, and Elaira meet, assisted by the half-wit, Quen. After catching Elaira up on events in Etarra, Morriel asks her to perform a character scan on each of the half-brothers. Elaira displays the half-brothers wholly unmasked, her hope to gain Koriani protection for them. Her plan backfires when Morriel fails to see past the surface inconsistencies in Arithon's character, and judges him to be flawed.

In the aftermath of the scan, Elaira visits the Narms tide flats. Her intent is to warn the Fellowship of Koriani plans. Traithe interrupts before she can begin the scrying and warns her of Sethvir's augury: "For good or ill, you're the one spirit alive in this world who will come to know Arithon best. Should your Master of Shadow fail you, or you fail him, the outcome will call down disaster."[1]


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