Edlie s'Daltier

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Edlie s'Daltier is a clan courier in the Vastmark region before the rebellion. She is a wiry woman with gray hazel eyes and sun-browned features. She has a triaxial tattoo on her forehead, evidence of her ability to withstand the presence of all three Paravian races.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Gallant.

Third Age 4995: Awaiting a scheduled dispatch of royal messages from Innish, Edlie is surprised to become the escort for the maddened Verrain sen Dient and Lisianne. Edlie guides the pair and their royal escort towards the Ippash encampment and notes that the yearly migration of Riathan Paravians has grown sparse. When Verrain is goaded by one of the guardsmen who do not understand his affliction, he strikes out. Edlie calms him down with the methods used on clansmen shocked by Paravian presence.

Edlie and the other guardsmen are killed in an armed attack during the night.