Drake Skulls

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The skull of an unborn drake is an artifact associated with dark magecraft. Such a skull is the size of a cat's, but elongated with fangs and tearing incisors. The skull might be decorated with amplifying metals, such as a ruby in a copper bezel.

Drake skulls are extracted from dragon eggs (before hatching imprints a self-awareness) and then enslaved to the will of humanity. Because the consciousness of dragons is immortal, the skulls keep a resonance of awareness long after death. They can be used as wards outside of time and space.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Black Bargain

Third Age 5016: Necromancers of the Gray Kralovir bring four Drake Skulls to a clandestine meeting with the Koriathain in Hanshire, where they propose a conspiracy to overthrow Charter Law. After the necromancers have departed, Morriel demands that the Mayor of Hanshire obtain the Drake Skulls for her as the price of Koriani participation. When Davien becomes aware of the skulls, he realizes that he must take care of them without raising the notice of other great drakes or Tehaval Warden.

Third Age 5018: By the time of the rebellion, the necromancers have given the Drake Skulls to Morriel Prime in exchange for Koriani support. Davien's attempt to use Toler sen Beckit to steal them is unsuccessful.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5654: The nobility of Hanshire have a set of drake skulls stolen from a Koriani senior during the uprising. Lysaer makes an alliance with Raiett Raven explicitly to use these skulls to prevent interference from Sethvir's earth link.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: After the purge of the Kralovir in Etarra, Kharadmon notes that the skulls cannot be found in Raiett Raven's belongings. Sethvir suggests that they might be buried in the rubble of the state hall at Avenor, which was immolated by Lysaer. Sethvir cautions that the unstable skulls might lead to a new grimward although he has not yet felt them stir. Luhaine's search reveals that the skulls have slipped free of their protections and are subject to rise.

The skulls show signs of activity in autumn. The hibernating drake, Seshkrozchiel, destroys Avenor to quell the skulls. It is later suggested that the Koriathain may have been willing let the skulls be used in order to draw a drake out of slumber.