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Diegan is the high-born Lord Commander from the city of Etarra. He works for the Lord Governor Supreme, Morfett, and is the brother of Lady Talith.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Diegan begins the story as a cool-headed dandy, Etarran to the core. After joining Lysaer in the restoration of Avenor, he realizes that he has lost his equilibrium: "He needed the cat-cool independence of the dandy he had been that gave no man leave to lead his heart."[1]

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Diegan is introduced when sunlight touches Etarra for the first time. After Morfett fails to convince warring factions to resume commerce, he calls upon Diegan to muster the city guard to compel them by force.

Diegan is present when Asandir affirms Arithon's right of succession in Etarra, mistakenly believing that the purpose of the ceremony is only to affirm his ancestry. Following this ceremony, he goes to the taproom with Lysaer and Morfett where he organizes multiple plots against the monarchy. The next morning, Morfett convenes the Governors' Council to outlaw monarchy. When the council learns that the farmers and poor might riot, Diegan is the only member willing to face riots before kneeling to the monarchy. The council passes a law abdicating from power instead.

On the day of the coronation, Diegan dines with Lysaer and Talith. When Asandir and Dakar attempt to lock them all in, Diegan covers Lysaer's escape, and is then kept under house arrest by Dakar. After the failed coronation, Diegan pleads with Dakar and the pair go to the south ward armory where Dakar assists in getting them inside. When Lysaer awakens, he leaves with Diegan to quell the unrest in the city, and later collapses in Diegan's arms after attacking the darkness.

As Etarra prepares for war, Diegan attends a meeting between Lysaer and the Governors' Council. He finds his life amongst the rich and young (and away from Lysaer) to be more dreary. Diegan heads the war host to Tal Quorin, accompanied by Lysaer and Gnudsog. After the clans of Deshir flood the Tal Quorin, Lysaer orders his men to see Diegan to safety and breaks his collarbone in the ensuing flood. He survives because of this with only an arrow wound from the ensuing clan ambush.

After the Battle of Strakewood, Diegan meets with Lysaer before being returned to Etarra with the wounded. He agrees to ask Morfett for an official invitation set under city seal so Lysaer can continue his efforts on the city's behalf.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5644: Diegan spends the next six years at the head of the Etarran guard, staging raids into Halwythwood against the remaining clansmen under Jieret and Caolle. Diegan is offered to Lysaer as an impulsive donation to the rebuilding of Avenor. Along with Talith, Lysaer, and a guard consisting of Etarran men-at-arms and ex-mercenaries, he travels from Etarra, by way of the land route around the Instrell Bay. After stopping in Isaer, the caravan continues west through the Pass of Orlan. When ambushed by Maenalle s'Gannley's clansmen in the pass, Diegan loses his jewels, purse, cloak, horse, sword, and a chased belt knife bought to match his sword.

Lysaer's caravan arrives in Erdane three weeks later. He and his troops are billeted in Erdane while more gold is levied in Rathain. Diegan deals with Lysaer in the aftermath of continuing nightmares, and the men finally arrive to restore Avenor. In the summertime, Diegan escorts a company of Karfael's archers to a secluded hill, where they are ordered to shoot at Lysaer. He is easily able to destroy the incoming arrows with his gift of light, and Diegan wins a bet with the leader of the company.

Third Age 5646: Diegan meets his sister, Lady Talith after her cross-country trek from Erdane, and learns from Pesquil that rumors of Arithon's infamies are spreading along the east coast. Diegan travels with Lysaer through Isaer, arriving in Etarra in late summer, and then travels with the combined armies to Werpoint by way of Valleygap. The army arrives in Werpoint three months later, and Diegan secures a room overlooking the harbor for Lysaer's use.

In the aftermath of the attack on Werpoint, Diegan remains by Lysaer's side throughout the revision of his plans, and finally recognizes his friend's humanity. After the captain of the Savrid delivers a message from Arithon, Diegan resolves to have the brig captain killed, so his turned allegiances will not sway any others. He does this without Lysaer's knowledge or consent, intending to protect him.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: Diegan accompanies Lysaer to Merior, and orders a search of Arithon's burnt shipyard, but as expected, he finds no clues to Arithon's whereabouts. He then travels to Southshire with Lysaer. Just before Spring Equinox, Lysaer is visited by Kharadmon with word of a ransom demand for Lady Talith's kidnapping. He asks Diegan to find men willing to take the blame for her folly, so that the people he taxes for ransom will not fault her. Diegan, for the first time, sees how much Lysaer truly loves Talith. He is sent back to Avenor to convene the high council and raise the ransom.

When the ransom is finally raised, twice over, Diegan assembles Lysaer's retinue and sails from Cheivalt to Ostermere. He oversees the exchange, and leaves Arithon with the engraved cross-staff gifted to Captain Dhirken. After the exchange, Diegan commands the main body of the warhost as it takes up position in the central valley of Vastmark. He is on duty when the survivors from the strike at the Havens arrives, discovered by a patrol and secluded in a small glen away from camp. Instead of allowing their message to reach Lysaer, Diegan decides to silence them and prevent the spread of the news. He believes that the warning is just a bluff. His band of Etarran scouts understand the situation and keep the survivors under guard until Skannt's headhunters can execute them (believing them to be deserters).

On the day of the strike at Dier Kenton Vale, Diegan leads the company that advances upon Arithon's campsite on the knoll. His company is saved by geography when the landslide occurs, and he realizes that Arithon's threat was in earnest. He calls for a retreat in hopes of warning Lysaer in time, but is struck by two clan arrows. He dies in the arms of his clan counterpart, Caolle.


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