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Dharkaron is the angel of vengeance in legends, said to convey guilty souls to Sithaer in a chariot drawn by five horses. According to Ath's adepts, Dharkaron is "that dark thread mortal men weave with Ath . . . that creates self-punishment, or the root of guilt".[1]

Dharkaron is a human-concept, not a Paravian one.[2] Before the formation of the Alliance of Light, Dharkaron commonly appears in human oaths and epithets, such as "Dharkaron witness", 'Dharkaron's conscience", and "by Dharkaron's vengeance".

Dharkaron's Chariot

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Warhost of Vastmark.

During the battles at Vastmark, Dakar creates an illusion of Arithon as Dharkaron, driving his chariot across the sky. This illusion scatters Keldmar's 6000 mercenaries and allows the shepherds and clan scouts to slip away. In his illusion, Dharkaron/Arithon wears a silver cape with the Wheel of Fate on the breast, and wields an ebon spear (the Spear of Destiny). The chariot is drawn by the Five Horses of Sithaer. The chariot itself is described as "the dread chariot of black lacquer and bone inlay, its narrow, spoked wheels a whirl of steel rims which sliced clouds in their path like spent smoke".[3]


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