Dascen Elur

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Dascen Elur is the splinter world upon which three exiled heirs from Athera found refuge, following the invasion of the Mistwraith. The world is described by the author as "a far flung set of islands, inhabited by a varied set of cultures who had to work together to trade to maintain their quality of life."[1].

Amroth is the largest population center, ruled by the s'Ilessid family, and the more isolate Karthan was inhabited by the s'Ffalenn family. Rauven was settled by the descendants of Dari s'Ahelas -- apparently the resonance at this location was magic-friendly. Worldsend is the location of the Worldsend gate that ultimately connects this world to Athera.

Poor families of Karthan mined salt from silted lagoons on barren archipelagos, where scrub thorn grew on high ground.


  • When traveling through a grimward, Arithon recognizes star constellations from Dascen Elur, although the land masses beneath the stars are unfamiliar.