Dakar - Role in the Story (Warhost of Vastmark)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Warhost of Vastmark.

Third Age 5646: Following his blood oath to Asandir, Arithon orders Dakar to remain sober. They back to Merior from Werpoint to find the shipyard burned to the ground. Dakar helps Arithon transport a raving Tharrick to Jinesse's home. Arithon then asks Dakar to perform a scrying each day at noon to follow the progress of Duke Bransian's elite mercenaries.

Third Age 5647: After the launch of the Khetienn, Arithon and Dakar slip out to sea aboard the Talliarthe. The Khetienn is towed south to Southshire for completion on credit against its first run, thanks to a gambling debt between Dakar and a trader captain out of Innish. After a stop in Innish, Arithon and Dakar arrive in the Cascain Islands to travel up into the Kelhorn Mountains. The pair rescue a shepherd boy, Ghedair, and his sister, Jilieth, from attacking wyverns. In an attempt to save Jilieth, Dakar uses his longevity training to create the spell seals for healing while the mageblind Arithon links them to Jilieth through music. Because their works are in alignment with the Law of the Major Balance, they can do nothing when Jilieth chooses not to unmake the decisions that led to her death. During the healing, Arithon attempts to wrest back control of his magesight, but fails, and Dakar is left with a complete impression of Arithon's consciousness. This is the first marring of his belief that Arithon is evil.

Dakar and Arithon return Ghedair home, although Dakar is still unsure about Arithon's true character. He resolves to revisit the question later, when he is not affected by Jilieth's death, hoping that an exposure of Arithon's evil would see Dakar freed from his stint of service. The pair spend another month with the shepherd tribes, and then return to the coast to meet up with the finished Khetienn. From Arithon's spy correspondence, Dakar learns that Talith is planning an unexpected trip to meet Lysaer.

Dakar travels with Arithon to kidnap Talith, and uses his time onboard to learn all he can from Arithon's desert-born cook. He fails. The Khetienn returns to Arithon's outpost in the Cascain Islands. Dakar is part of a shipboard council with Caolle before the trio sets off inland to train Vastmark mercenaries. Dakar continues to seek evidence that Arithon's compassion towards Jilieth is a mask for some curse-borne subterfuge. While culling the herds captured in clan livestock raids, Dakar has a (changeable) vision of Morriel Prime and the Great Waystone playing some role in the assassination of Arithon. He chooses to keep this his own secret, until he can be assured of Arithon's character.

Dakar travels to Ostermere with Arithon for the ransom exchange. When the ransom is gathered a second time, he travels to Cheivalt with Asandir to bring word to Lysaer. Aboard Lysaer's royal galley, he finds that his recollections of time spent with Lysaer in the past no longer comfort him, and realizes that he cannot completely fool himself about Arithon's true character.

After the ransom exchange, Dakar learns from Kharadmon that Lysaer's marred gift of justice will cause him to put Talith aside. He is not sure whether this is truth or a gambit by the Fellowship to discover the secret augury on Arithon's life. Worried when Arithon fails to check on the course of the brigantine, he makes his way to the captain's quarters where Arithon plans to use tienelle for a scrying. After seeming to capitulate, Arithon knocks him out and ejects him from the quarters. Undeterred, Dakar returns to find Arithon unresponsive with the early effects of tienelle poisoning. He sends a distress signal to Sethvir over the earth link, but receives no Fellowship assistance. An attempt to move Arithon to a more comfortable position reveals that he is lost in a reliving of the battle at Tal Quorin. Dakar's attempt at observation is thwarted by Arithon's reflexive protections. Without other options, the spellbinder uses tienelle himself to invade Arithon's mind, encompass the guilt-provoking memories, and interweave them with his own Name. This grants Arithon the opening to temporarily regain his mage-sight. Dakar observes as Arithon continues his scrying, noting that all past and future actions had been done for mercy, in conflict with Dakar's previous assumptions about Arithon's character. Dakar's truesight reveals that Arithon's final scrying will be successful at turning Lysaer from battle. Before Dakar's wards collapse, Arithon uses his reclaimed powers to release him from Asandir's geas.

Following the strike at the Havens, Dakar seeks out Arithon and finds him lost in suffering for the lives just taken. He asks for, and receives, permission for a spell of deep sleep to ease Arithon's suffering. Dakar travels with Arithon and the escorted survivors into the Kelhorn Mountains, where Arithon charges them to be his sanctioned envoys to Lysaer. During the strike at Dier Kenton Vale, Dakar assists Arithon with magecraft to lure Lysaer's troops further in, while also standing guard with Alithiel should Arithon succumb to the curse. Dakar is then tasked with preventing the northern flank of Alestron's troops from surrounding the clansemen and archers. He creates a green mist that fixes upon the longings of the mercenaries who walk through it, but some infinitesimal flaw in his spellcasting blows the results out of proportion. The clansmen use this distraction to separate Keldmar from his troops. After learning that the southern flank from Jaelot has broken through, Dakar conjures an illusion of Dharkaron's Chariot over Jaelot's troops. This causes them to flee in chaos, and allows Arithon's forces to flee to the north.

Dakar spends the waning days of the campaign concealing Arithon's allies, making sheep look like rocks and vice versa. While protecting a shepherd in labor, Arithon and Dakar are trapped between Skannt's patrols and Bransian's troops (in search of the s'Brydion brothers). Dakar uses his mage-sight to escort the band of shepherds into the high country. With the help of Caolle's clansmen and the shepherds' dogs, they pass safely through one of Skannt's ambushes. A brief flash of prescience reminds Dakar that he needs to warn Arithon of the foreseen assassination, but he falls asleep in a shepherd tent before Arithon returns. Dakar awakens to realize that the assassination is imminent and runs down the trail with clansmen at his heels. He spots Arithon and, with no other options, launches his body to intercept a clan vengeance arrow. As a Fellowship spellbinder, he recognizes that the arrow has been augmented with a Koriani death seal to ensure a mortal wound. He is only saved with help from Asandir, recently arrived on a warning from Sethvir. However, Asandir does not intervene until Dakar has taken the arrow. Given the choice between resuming his tutelage under Asandir or going his own way, Dakar decides to remain in service to Arithon and travels with him to Corith.