Dakar - Role in the Story (Traitor's Knot)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Third Age 5670: In Shipsport, Dakar and Fionn Areth learn that they have missed a planned rendez-vous with the Evenstar. To deter the Koriani enchantresses seeking to recapture Fionn Areth, Dakar incites a brawl in the inn. He and Fionn Areth are recognized from the time that Arithon hired Captain Dhirken, and the Lord Magistrate sentences Fionn Areth to sing in order to discharge debts for the brawl. Under the guise of being drunk, Dakar sings a cry of intent from Shipsport's dungeons to request help from the Fellowship without detection from the Koriani. Luhaine creates a proximity ward of protection in Dakar's aura to protect Fionn Areth, and suggests that Dakar play the wastrel on the overland trip to Alestron in order to disrupt Koriani scrying. Luhaine also attends to the pair's outstanding fines so they can leave Shipsport.

In late spring, Dakar and Fionn Areth are shown via Sethvir's earth link, traveling overland through Atwood. They arrive at Alestron in the summer. Dakar agrees to provide an introduction to Bransian so Fionn Areth can join the Alliance, neglecting to tell the boy that the s'Brydion family has been Arithon's covert ally since the incident at Vastmark. At the banquet welcoming Fionn Areth, Dakar introduces the boy to Duke Bransian. The Duke tosses Fionn Areth into the dungeon after he expresses his desire to sign on with the Alliance.

Dakar spends the next five months enjoying life within the warded walls of Alestron. When Feylind and the Evenstar arrive to collect Fionn Areth, Dakar is extricated from a brothel and loaded onto the ship before he can warn Feylind of the Koriathain. Dakar becomes aware of the Koriani sigil in the hull and is attempting to warn the crew when Arithon appears, transported by Davien. Dakar has a mutable bout of prescience involving Arithon, Talvish, and Feylind in an armed attack. Arithon asks him to secure the water stores for the imminent fiend storm. Dakar questions Arithon's choice to leave Kewar Tunnel, having learned more about Elaira through his partnership with Kharadmon on Rockfell Peak. When Arithon uses Alithiel to guard the water stores, Dakar maintains an illusion of flame to keep the attention of iyats and keeps watch over Arithon to prevent him from falling asleep. At the edge of failure, Arithon engages his gift of Shadow and flash freezes the iyats, then has them sealed into a pot.

Third Age 5671: Dakar observes as Arithon enspells the iyats to repair the Evenstar, and then directs a lone iyat through the Koriani sigil into the Great Waystone. He leaves with Arithon aboard the Khetienn. Brought ashore in Shand, Arithon and his party encounter Kyrialt and other clansmen out of Selkwood. Arithon wagers that he can rob a caravan of stolen amethysts, a tribute to the Light, and silk for Glendien's wedding gift without bloodshed. With a spell of diversion from Dakar and distraction from clan darts, Arithon commands his captured iyats to successfully rob the caravan. Afterwards, he accompanies Arithon to the camp of Erlien s'Taleyn. When Dakar protests the risk of Arithon's actions in camp, Kyrialt shows him that Alland's clansmen have been convinced to back Arithon without the formality of a hearing.

Dakar attends Kyrialt and Glendien's bridal feast and later leaves for Telzen with Arithon. The pair separate from Vhandon, Talvish, and Fionn Areth, and cross paths with the previously robbed caravan, posing as a bard and button seller. Arithon invents a catchy satire about the religion of Light which he hopes will spread into Southshire. The pair rendezvous with a merchant brig to enact the next phase of Arithon's plan to defang sunwheel recruitment efforts and travel to along the south coast. In Southshire, Dakar and Arithon cause a riot over rotten wine distributed by sunwheel recruiters. In Shaddorn, Arithon composes a satire about the riots. In Telzen, Arithon separates from Dakar to visit Alestron.

The pair reunites in Atwood after Arithon's failed bid to sway the s'Brydion brothers at Alestron. Dakar assists with the lane transfer to Caith-al-Caen and accompanies Arithon to the Halwythwood clans. Dakar conspires with others at Barach's oath of fealty to use an excessively large cup of brandy in order to force Arithon to rest for awhile.

Besotted on brandy the next day, Dakar predicts the birth of a baby girl from Arithon and Elaira. The mutable prescience is overheard by Sidir. Dakar reveals that Selidie Prime must have put an inactive string of spelled ciphers into Elaira's aura. Sidir orders Dakar to use tienelle to locate the couple. Because Arithon is using his sovereign tie to the land to protect his privacy, Dakar sends a distress call to Sethvir for assistance. Using drake powers and Arithon's permissions, Kharadmon and Dakar breach Arithon's wards, severing the union between Arithon and Elaira and preventing backlash into the land's flux. Because Arithon is still ritually fused to the land, Dakar's intervention is needed to unleash the grand confluence. Through Kharadmon's eyes, Dakar discovers Selidie's trap, which would have caused conception in Elaira and forced Arithon to father a child on every woman in the future.

Later, Dakar discusses necromancy in Etarra with Braggen, Barach, and Sidir. During a clan council, Elaira returns and confirms for Dakar that Arithon's permissions were not revoked. She tells Dakar that he is free to rejoin Arithon at an address in Etarra.

Dakar chooses to rejoin Arithon, traveling overland to Etarra to the home of a cooper whose family was spared by Caolle in a clan raid. A blind old man passes along Arithon's orders for Dakar to visit Simshane's House of Exotic Delights. Dakar realizes that the blind man is Arithon in a disguise undetectable by magesight. Dakar visits Simshane's House of Exotic Delights under the pretense of sampling young boys for a clandestine sunwheel purchase. Rejoining Arithon afterwards, he learns that the girl children were already sold to necromancers. Dakar uses a load of sunwheel gold intercepted by Arithon to purchase the boys at Simshane's House of Exotic Delights and transports them to a gathering of sunwheel priests. In the aftermath of the infamy, Dakar gets the children safely past sentries and then scries for Arithon using his Named permissions. Before he can act to assist Arithon against the Kralovir, he is interrupted and knocked unconscious by Davien. Dakar wakes up the morning after the Kralovir have been destroyed and travels back towards the clans in Melhalla.