Dakar - Role in the Story (Stormed Fortress)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Third Age 5671: Dakar arrives in Darkling to find that the chaos caused by the purge of the Kralovir has ignited a muster of troops. While heading south past the Skyshiel Mountains to rejoin Arithon, his prescience allows him to see Jeynsa attached to a company of Alestron's men. His attempts to learn more trigger an immutable augury that he cannot recall, concerning a meeting in Duke Bransian's keep. When Elaira discovers Jeynsa's plans in Alestron, her shock is felt by Dakar, who changes course to intercept Elaira and Sidir on their journey. Dakar, Elaira, and Sidir make their way to Alestron where they scale the lower wall and are taken captive for a hearing with Duke Bransian at Wyntok Gate. Dakar appears drunk from overuse of his talent and Duke Bransian is unable to extract Arithon's whereabouts. As a Fellowship-sent envoy, Dakar presents a mandate from the caithdein of Melhalla to be allowed to convince Jeynsa to leave freely. Jeynsa, dressed in caithdein's black, arrives with Talvish, but remains steadfast in her plan to support Alestron.

Mearn interrupts Dakar's bath to ask for aid, and Elaira agrees to lend her healing arts without Koriani debt. Dakar is playing cards with Mearn and other soldiers when Talvish brings news of Arithon's arrival. Talvish agrees to waylay Fionn Areth while Dakar and Mearn visit Arithon in the drumkeep where Elaira is staying. Dakar learns that Arithon is free of the curse. He joins Arithon for a meeting with Bransian, but the Duke's guards prevent him from entering the keep.

While engaged in a drinking contest with Fionn Areth, Dakar's prescience shows him Sidir being attacked by a guard. He arrives at Jeynsa's quarters with Talvish to find Sidir mortally wounded. Dakar is unable to assist in the healing because the beer he drank interferes with his power. When Arithon tries to save Sidir with Elaira's help, Dakar warns the prince to be wary of both a Koriani oath of debt as well as Fellowship intercession. Selidie attempts to interfere with the healing through Elaira's spell crystal. As Dakar prepares to intercede, the wards in Alithiel and Alestron's walls sound in Sidir's defense. With the help of Mearn and Dame Dawr's carriage, Arithon, an unconscious Elaira, Dakar, and Sidir return to the guest tower. Short on time in the unfolding crisis, Arithon realizes that consummation with Elaira is the quickest path to recovery from exhaustion brought on by magecraft, in spite of Dakar's protests.

After Arithon awakens Alithiel from Watch Keep, Dakar stands close as he sustains the sword's powers, allowing travelers from both camps to escape. Dakar is unable to get too close without losing grip on his faculties. Sevrand and Vhandon bring word of Parrien's enspelled actions in the Alliance camp. Dakar insists to Sevrand that a rescue attempt would be folly, until Elaira returns and instructs him in the construction of a talisman that will enable the attempt safely. Dakar rejects an imminent prophecy triggered by Elaira's presence and but warns her that Selidie wanted her to return. Dakar constructs the talisman and leads a group of men selected by Vhandon out of the citadel. He has put Parrien's men to sleep when Glendien warns of an incoming rider. They barely avoid notice of Sulfin Evend as he returns to camp. Dakar clears the compulsion and awakens Parrien's men to return them to the citadel. He has Tiassa greet Parrien in the harbor to prevent the s'Brydion brother from turning about and rejoining the fleet of stolen hulls.

As word spreads that Lysaer is leaving the battlefront, Talvish collects Dakar to reach Watch Keep at speed. Dakar warns that the curse will resurge in Lysaer as he sails further away from Alithiel. Backed by Kyrialt, Dakar and Elaira try to reach Arithon's awareness to cancel Alithiel's song. They succeed but the overwhelming Paravian presence saps Dakar's will to life. Arithon plays his lyranthe to counter the effects.

As fighting intensifies following the Evenstar's run down the estuary, Arithon, Talvish, and Dakar strategize to extricate Arithon from the citadel. Arithon refuses to use Shadow in Alestron's defense, believing that it would destroy the opening for Lysaer to recover his sanity under free will. He explains his risky plan to appear dead by tying his spirit to Alithiel as he did in Daon Ramon Barrens, but this time with the sword's chord awakened. Dakar raises wards around Arithon's awareness, preventing Elaira from realizing their plan until Vhandon warns her. Alithiel refuses to awaken, but Elaira recognizes that the plan was intended to keep Fionn Areth safe. Discussion of the shapechanged double triggers a premonition of Selidie and Lirenda working on a new sigil. Talvish and Vhandon pick up the search for Fionn Areth. When the Evenstar explodes prematurely at the harbor egress, Dakar realizes that the Koriathain had worked through a shipwright rather than Fionn Areth.

In the condemned sea quarter, Arithon uses his Masterbard talents to help with healing. Dakar arrives while Parrien tries to convince Arithon to provide further defenses, and informs everyone that the lift back to the citadel has been torched. Parrien attacks Arithon in anger, leaving the prince gravely wounded and Kyrialt dead. Dakar knocks out Parrien and Elaira uses the Atheran crystal from Highscarp to staunch Arithon's bleeding. Arithon is covered with Davien's cloak, which conceals his identity, and Elaira, Dakar, Talvish, Glendien, and Parrien arrange in subterfuge as the first Alliance forces enter the sea quarter. After convincing a sergeant, Gevard, that the sail-loft is a Koriani hospice, Elaira sends Dakar with him to collect additional wounded men. Gevard arranges for the healers and wounded to be transported out of danger to the main Alliance camp.

Sulfin Evend meets the galley bearing Elaira and insists on examining all of the wounded to make sure there are no fugitives in the group. In spite of the magic in Davien's cloak, Sulfin Evend's s'Gannley gifts allow him to recognize Arithon disguised as a blind man. Parrien regains consciousness and attacks Sulfin Evend, reclaimed by Selidie Prime's geas, causing Talvish to draw Alithiel. The sword's song incapacitates everyone except Elaira, Talvish, and Dakar, and Sethvir (through the Atheran crystal) urges Elaira to escape on the tide. The group escapes to the Cildein Ocean in a scheduled courier sloop. Dakar convinces Parrien to navigate to Athir, based on private directions he had received from Sethvir. He thwarts Parrien's attempt to stow away on a trade lugger enroute.

The party lands at Athir to await Fellowship help, but no Sorcerer has arrived by the time Arithon's unconscious body starts to lose vitality. Dakar suggests that Winter Solstice could be used to invoke Rathain's crown sanction, using Glendien as a proxy instead of Elaira to avoid Prime Selidie's control over the conceived child. Elaira chooses an untested path between the machinations of the Fellowship and Koriathain to save Arithon. Arithon is placed at the Paravian focus circle with Talvish sworn to stand watch. To involve the Fellowship in any possible traps that Selidie might have planned, Elaira has Dakar swear an oath of debt over the crown of Rathain rather than Arithon's name. Elaira's magecraft raises the land's flux through the focus circle, preventing any outside interference. Arithon is made whole again and sung to sleep by Biedar singing in Sanpashir, unaware of his daughter's conception. After the ritual, Luhaine sends Glendien to Althain Tower through a lane transfer while Dakar remains behind.

Asandir arrives at Athir to find Dakar eager to resume his lapsed Fellowship apprenticeship. He confirms that Arithon does not recall the particulars of the ritual that brought him back. Asandir, Dakar, and Parrien sail south on a hired lugger. After a stop at Perdith for a new pennon, they slip through the blockade at Kalesh in spite of all attempts to stop them. When Bransian protests the command to abandon Alestron for Atwood, Dakar escorts Parrien into the room. The Duke finally agrees in exchange for Arithon's pardon of Parrien's earlier attack. By Winter Solstice, the city has been emptied of people. Asandir uses actualized Paravian to repair the cisterns and then seals the city with wards. He and Dakar transfer to Althain Tower.