Dakar - Role in the Story (Peril's Gate)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Third Age 5670: Arithon and Fionn Areth rejoin Dakar at a mill outside of town. Dakar reveals that he formally requested Fellowship assistance to prevent Arithon's transfer into Jaelot but received no assistance. As the Jaelot guard closes in, Arithon knocks Fionn Areth unconscious, leaves him in Dakar's care, and draws the guardsmen away on his own. Luhaine guides Dakar and Fionn Areth to the nearest Paravian marker and then asks for Dakar's assistance to rebuild the damaged wards around Rockfell Pit. Fionn Areth realizes he cannot sustain his distrust of Arithon and agrees to accompany Dakar to Rockfell Pit and then Jaelot in exchange for more knowledge about Arithon's past.

Near Rockfell Peak, Dakar is alerted to Arithon's predicament through sigils stitched into his saddlecloth. Dakar uses a bandage to scry for Arithon's location and Rathain's heartrock peals, responding to the prince's distress. Dakar is unable to assist from afar, but believes that the resonant cry of the heartrock will be detected by someone in the Fellowship. The pair continue their trip to Rockfell Peak, arriving three days before Spring Equinox, but are not met by Kharadmon and Luhaine until the eve of the equinox.

Because refounding the wards on Rockfell Pit require both a corporate and discorporate mage, Dakar consents to sharing his physical body with Kharadmon. Without time to refound the wards before the lane surge on the equinox, the sorcerers decide to reroute the lane surge around the faulted wards. The trio fashion stopgap wards to protect Rockfell Pit and survive the midnight crest, although Dakar's hands are burned while capping a breach. They use the time until the sunrise crest to repair their wards. Called into service after sunrise, Arithon is successful at binding the Lanes of Rathain in harmony, just as the stopgap efforts at Rockfell Peak fail. In the aftermath, Kharadmon, Luhaine, and Fionn Areth tend to Dakar's depleted body. Because the wards are under attack from the inside of Rockfell Pit, neither sorcerer can leave to assist Arithon until Dakar is fit enough to refound every ward -- this takes several days. Afterwards, Fionn Areth helps Dakar recover and agrees again to accompany him to Alestron.