Dakar - Role in the Story (Initiate's Trial)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

Third Age 5922: Dakar is at Althain Tower when Asandir travels to Whitehold. Upon the Sorcerer's return, Dakar learns that he has been unceremoniously released from his Fellowship apprenticeship since before the meeting with Selidie Prime. Sethvir and Asandir imply that this release is punishment for Dakar's actions on the beach at Athir after the Siege of Alestron, which ultimately led to Arithon's capture by the Koriathain. In reality, they hope that Dakar's free will can become a wild card workaround to their vow of noninterference.

Dakar travels to Lorn in search of a way to cross the Instrell Bay and stumbles upon a Koriani trap in a tavern. To avoid capture, he stages a disturbance and winds up in Lorn's dungeons. While in custody, he recites a spoken word prophecy concerning the death of the High Queen of Havish. As a result, his trial is waived and he is sentenced to execution at dawn. From his cell, he spirit walks and plans out an escape that will allow him to reach a boat whose captain is friendly with the Fellowship. Later, Sethvir informs Asandir that Dakar is safely on his way to Halwythwood.

Dakar crosses the Instrell Bay and is detected by Rathain's clansmen, who deem him a traitor based on his involvement in Arithon's captivity by the Koriathain long ago. He requests an audience with Cosach s'Valerient and is escorted across Halwythwood as a captive. Near the permanent encampment, Dakar escapes from custody and infests Cosach's war lodge with iyats to draw the caithdein's attention and an audience. He informs Cosach of Arithon's escape and asks him to convene Rathain's clan council. When Daliana destroys a Koriani fetch of Arithon, Dakar has a prescient vision of events in Etarra and pleads for a fast horse to intercept Lysaer's expected path. He travels at speed across Daon Ramon Barrens, attracting and dispelling two packs of iyats along the way, and intercepts Lysaer's retinue on Mathorn Road. He warns Lysaer of another spelled fetch hidden in his saddle bag and projects the pattern of Arithon's true aura negate the fetch's influence.

Dakar accompanies Lysaer back to Etarra, where he plays the role of a drunken fool to disrupt Daliana's trial. The Light's Hope sentences him to death alongside Traithe and Daliana. When Lysaer, ablaze in a corona of light, arrives with a temple diviner and threatens the outcome of the trial, the Light's Hope reaches under his robe for another Koriani bane ward. He is interrupted by Traithe and the Etarran populace is able to see the fetch, revealing the True Sect conspiracy to use Lysaer as a curse-driven figurehead. Lysaer orders the diviner to sentence the Light's Hope to death by sword and fire under Canon Law and evicts the True Sect from Etarra.

Lysaer and Dakar argue over Lysaer's decision to raise arms against the True Sect. The prince quickly departs when Daliana awakens although Dakar refuses to explain her similarity to Lady Talith. Dakar reveals that there were three Koriani fetches. When questioned, he admits that he does not know which half-brother he would protect in a conflict.

After Esfand, Khadrien, and Siantra leave the encampment in Halwythwood, Laithen reveals that Dakar's prescient vision predicted that the three would shoulder Arithon's defense in free will.

Once Arithon exposes his presence in Caithwood, Dakar has another prescient vision and fails to convince Lysaer not to ride at the head of his troops. He has an absolute prophecy he cannot recall while following Lysaer west and asks Daliana to make sure that he stays mounted no matter what happens. The pair catch up to Lysaer at a tavern on Mathorn Road where the prince is surrounded by an angry mob who plan to burn people affected by the planet's shift in resonance. Dakar and Daliana are able to steer Lysaer away from the curse and visit the condemned in the tavern's cellar. While Dakar heals them, Daliana and Lysaer run menial errands. Lysaer refuses Dakar's offer of a basic ward of protection and slips away, leaving the other two trapped in the cellar on his orders.

Still trapped three days later, Dakar spiritwalks and draws the notice of Seshkrozchiel. The drake lands on the roof, intent on destroying the tavern. Davien reveals that Sethvir has cast strands and found that Lysaer's case is hopeless. He offers the option to step into Seshkrozchiel's true dreaming in hopes that they will end up in a place aligned with their true desires. Dakar accepts and observes the rebirth of Isfarenn in Scarpdale before ending up Fiaduwynne.

While plotting strategy with Havish's war captain, the arrival of Esfand, Khadrien, and Siantra causes Dakar to faint and deliver an immutable prophecy concerning the death of High King Gestry. His caithdein, Halika, orders Dakar and the children isolated out of fear that the prophecy will cause Gestry to lose heart. When Tarens arrives in camp, Dakar assesses the crofter's memories and recent dreams and demands an immediate audience with the High King.

Dakar pleads with Gestry to change Asandir's standing orders in the face of a Koriani plot to drive Lysaer south into Lanshire. Halika argues that the protection of the free wilds in Elkforest takes precedence. In confidence, Dakar reveals his Black Rose Prophecy and the particulars of Arithon's blood oath. Gestry agrees to assist Arithon after Tarens reveals the prince's role in saving the villagers at Torwent.

After the meeting, Dakar discovers that the children have fled. Tarens volunteers to track them down, since he already intends to travel to Halwythwood. He reluctantly travels with Gestry's war band to Scarpdale and uses tienelle to augment his prescience. With Lysaer leading the True Sect army, he asks Gestry to command a strategically weak charge, in order to distract from Arithon's position. Lysaer is not fooled, forcing Gestry to tap his crown jewels in defense. The initial blast knocks Dakar unconscious but fails to deter the True Sect. Without thought to personal consequence, Gestry persists and summons projections of all three Paravian races, halting the fighting and rendering many combatants senseless. The result spares lives on both sides and Dakar hopes that some True Sect soldiers might forsake their faith as a result.

Gestry is dead when Dakar regains consciousness. He searches the battlefield for Lysaer and finds The Hatchet unconscious. He encounters Khadrien, who was thrown from the reborn Isfarenn and lost Alithiel. Dakar prepares a wagon of supplies with Khadrien's help and discovers that Daliana has reached Lysaer first. She reveals the existence of more Koriani fetches.

Dakar sends Daliana north with Lysaer. Alone after Khadrien steals away, he prepares magecraft to thwart Selidie Prime. When the Koriathain engage a fetch, Dakar takes the opportunity to destroy anything in Selidie's position that ties to Lysaer or Arithon. In the aftermath, he has a vision of the reborn Isfarenn reuniting Arithon. As a result, Dakar chooses to rejoin Daliana rather than help Arithon.