Dakar - Role in the Story (Fugitive Prince)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5648: When news of Lysaer's clan slavery edict surfaces, Arithon returns to the continent while Dakar remains behind to protect the crew from discovery and Koriani scrying. He meets Jieret, who traveled to Corith to warn Arithon of a Sighted execution and catches him up on events. When Arithon returns and is confronted by a charge of dark magecraft, he orders Dakar to set a death seal upon him and gives an honest account of the strike at the Havens to Jieret. Later, Dakar helps Arithon sleep with a spell, and then reveals to Jieret the plan to search for the Paravians on the far side of the world, based on a theory that Sethvir's earth link has selective blind spots. The falsehood of this statement is not immediately revealed to Arithon or Jieret. Arithon's crew makes first landfall on Kathtairr before the winter solstice going into Third Age 5649.

Third Age 5652: After three years of unsuccessful expeditions into the inlands of Kathtairr, Dakar reveals the Fellowship's gambit to buy time. Dakar attempts to use his prescience to sound out Arithon's future, but finds that his future is too strongly fated. He returns with Arithon to Paravia for good in the spring. They arrive in Corith to find one of Lysaer's ships, recently pilfered from the Riverton shipyards. After sending the new ship out with part of the Khetienn's crew to engage in honest charter, Dakar and Arithon travel to Caithwood in the pleasure sloop.

When Arithon attempts to evade Caolle's offer of service by riding ahead to a tavern on the Ilswater River, Dakar escorts the clansman to rejoin him four days later. When asked for a memorial for the fallen at Dier Kenton Vale in a tavern on the Ilswater River, Arithon performs the Masterbard's Lament. Dakar watches over his recovery afterwards, and is alarmed when an unconscious Arithon uses his mage talents in an attempt to escape. When pressed to abandon his plans, Arithon insists on staying, in order to procure ships for Tysan's persecuted clans. Dakar accompanies Arithon as he establishes himself in Riverton as a bard at the Laughing Captain Tavern. After a lively performance by Arithon, Dakar joins him to meet with Cattrick. On a hunch, he suspects Cattrick of being in league with the Koriathain, but Arithon does not allow Cattrick to confirm or deny this. The next morning, Arithon and Dakar track down a slaver's galley whose location had been overheard in the tavern. They send a description of the galley on to Havish as a warning that Havish's edict against slavery is being undermined. On the eve of the next launch, Dakar helps Arithon trigger a tavern brawl, which results in Riverton's loyal crews being replaced with men loyal to Arithon.

Third Age 5653: Dakar continues to have prescient dreams of danger throughout the season, but cannot convince Arithon to leave Riverton. In early spring, he volunteers to deliver commissioned verses to a merchant and then uses the payment to drink all day long. As night falls, he comes upon the execution of clansmen in the market square which wakens his prescience. Dakar is arrested for interfering but released the next morning through a bribe from Caolle to the jailer. Dakar finds Arithon in his room wielding Alithiel. He turns to spellcraft to keep Arithon in the room but finds his spells turned against him. Caolle arrives in defense before Arithon can kill Dakar. Caolle disarms Arithon but takes a critical wound. Dakar triggers Alithiel's defense wards and knocks out Arithon to prevent further intrusion from the Curse. Dakar and Arithon escape out of the eastern gate, leaving Caolle behind in a fire started during the fight. Mearn locates Dakar and Arithon in a manure wagon on the road to Middlecross and warns them of the conspiracy. Arithon makes the decision to abandon further plans and regroup somewhere to the southeast. Dakar performs a scrying to learn of the fates of Caolle and Lirenda, and Arithon overhears the scrying.

Dakar and Arithon arrive at a tavern after a week on the Korias Flats and learn that Felirin the Scarlet has been condemned by the Crown Examiner for singing the Ballad of Tal Quorin. Arithon promises his help as Masterbard, and the pair rescues Felirin from the pyre. The rescue triggers Alithiel's defense wards, resulting in fear and misunderstanding as man-made structures around the area are shattered. Dakar inscribes a distress message to Sethvir after being unable to evade Sulfin Evend's troops. On Asandir's abstruse guidance, Dakar, Arithon, and Felirin escape into a grimward northeast of Middlecross. Taking care to prevent destructive changes, the party survives the crossing with the aid of Asandir who uses his power to stabilize the grimward.

The grimward crossing takes 3 months, and the party reappears in Caithwood during the summer months. Dakar assists Traithe and Jieret in the ritual to reawaken Arithon and helps Arithon recuperate in the aftermath. Arithon recovers in Innish, in the attic of Tharrick and Jinesse. Dakar meets a visiting Feylind at the docks, and reveals this to her. Dakar accompanies Arithon when he departs to search again for the Paravians.