Dakar - Role in the Story (Curse of the Mistwraith)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: Dakar is first introduced when Asandir learns of the half-brothers' imminent arrival. He flippantly bets five years of sobriety against the arrival of a s'Ilessid prince. After the half-brothers arrive, Asandir and Dakar tend to them in a borrowed woodcutter's shop. Dakar initially recognizes Lysaer as a prince, but doesn't recognize Arithon until Asandir identifies him. Dakar feels his gift of prescience coming on after picking up Alithiel, and drops the sword to prevent it. The next morning, Dakar is sent to West End to procure some horses, but ends up drunk in an alley. The half-brothers claim his money purse to purchase the horses themselves. Dakar is led out of West End tied to a horse, and does not wake up until an iyat tries to strangle him.

The party travels to Erdane, meeting Felirin the Scarlet and battling a Khadrim along the way. Upon reaching Erdane, they stay with Enithen Tuer. Dakar immediately heads to the Four Ravens where he gambles with Elaira and reveals Arithon's name. He passes out when Arithon arrives. After hearing word of virulent meth-snakes, the party quickly leaves Erdane (without Felirin) and crosses the Thaldein Mountains. They stop at the west outpost for a banquet with the clans.

The party races to the power focus at Isaer, where they lane transfer to Althain Tower. Dakar assists with the eradication of the meth-snakes by acting as a conduit from the Third Lane to Meth Isle Keep. During the casting of strands, Dakar uses tienelle to keep up with the complexities of the ritual. He is pressed into service (by permission) because the Fellowship is short-handed. He recites the Black Rose Prophecy during this period. Dakar discovers the Great Waystone in the storerooms of Althain Tower, and later drags Arithon down to the cellar in a blanket for lane transfer to Caith-al-Caen. The party crosses Daon Ramon Barrens to arrive at Ithamon.

Third Age 5638: The half-brothers battle the Mistwraith from Kieling Tower for three weeks and Dakar is present when Arithon plots to upset a Koriani scrying. During the attack by the Mistwraith on the half-brothers, Dakar helps Asandir's rescue attempt by carrying Lysaer back to Kieling. In the aftermath, Dakar perceives the scintillant brilliance of Asandir's being in mirror image, alike except in dimension to the pattern that was Arithon[1], but only for a split second. During the final battle, Dakar takes up position outside of Kieling Tower, to guard the tower in case of failure. Later, he reveals to Lysaer that the Fellowship fixed certain virtues in the five royal lines.

Dakar accompanies the half-brothers to Etarra for the ceremony to affirm Arithon's right of succession. After the ceremony, he conducts an exhaustive survey of Etarran taverns and confirms that they brew terrible ale. On the day of the coronation, Dakar is helping Arithon dress, and the sight of him in his royal circlet triggers the Etarran Prophecy. During the story, this prophecy is said to clash with the Black Rose Prophecy, but the exact wording has not been revealed. The author has stated that it may come into play again at some point in the future.[2] After Arithon leaves, Dakar locates Asandir and arrives at Diegan's home to find that Lysaer has just left. The pair, Dakar and Diegan, drink together after Asandir orders Dakar to keep Diegan under house arrest. Dakar then takes Diegan to the south ward armory after much pleading, and helps Gnudsog's men gain entrance.

While Etarra musters for war, Dakar accompanies Asandir to Skelseng's Gate to secure the Mistwraith in a safer place. After Asandir vanishes to request permission from Rockfell Peak, Dakar is left with Kharadmon to complain about the Fellowship's use of Lysaer. While Asandir and Kharadmon secure the Mistwraith inside Rockfell Pit, Dakar is oblivious, caught in Kharadmon's sleep spell. At the end of this story, Asandir and Dakar have travelled to Mirthlvain Swamp to help with the seasonal spawning of meth-snakes.


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