Daenfal Lake

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Daenfal Lake is a large inland body of water in West Halla, Melhalla, along the southern border of Rathain. The Severnir River fed this lake before it was rerouted to the Eltair Bay and this site is marked by a crumbling stone bridge and the Standing Rock. Two other rivers leave the lake: River Arwent cuts across Araethura, through Halwythwood to the Instrell Bay, while the other runs southeast to Eltair Bay by way of Shipsport.

The cities of Daenfal and Backwater are built on the northern shores of this lake.

Two Paravian roads bisect the continent and meet between paired marker stones here. The western leg crosses the Storlain Mountains and ends at [[Fiaduwynne]. The eastern leg crosses the Skyshiel Mountains and ends at Jaelot.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5925: Pursued by Ettin trackers, Arithon, Vivet, and Valien cross Silvermarsh and bargain with a fishing boat captain for passage across the lake.