Crescent Isle

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Crescent Isle is a large, uninhabited island separating the Minderl Bay from the Cildein Ocean in Ithilt, Rathain. The island is about 70 leagues long and forms the north shore of the Minderl Strait. The protection of the island makes the south-facing coves of Werpoint more hospitable to galleys in the early days of winter.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5646: Arithon hides a fleet of derelict fishing luggers near the island, which are eventually used in his assault on Werpoint. A passing school of dolphins notices the fleet, and their curiousity impresses the lane flow enough for Morriel Prime of the Koriathain to take notice, but the Order cannot deduce their intent. Following the assault at Werpoint, Arithon and his clansmen abandon the Savrid on the north shore of Crescent Isle, to escape south in the Talliarthe.