Cosach s'Valerient

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Cosach s'Valerient is High Earl and Earl of the North in Rathain. He is a huge, bearded man with hazel eyes.

Cosach is married to Jalienne and his eldest son is Esfand s'Valerient. He has two other daughters from an earlier marriage.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: Cosach and his war band return from a patrol in Daon Ramon Barrens to find that Dakar has infested his war lodge with iyats. He is met by his wife, Jalienne, and proceeds to the lodge naked to avoid mishap with the iyats. Dakar informs him of Arithon's escape and asks him to convene Rathain's clan council. After Daliana destroys a spelled fetch of Arithon in Etarra, Dakar has a prescient vision and pleads with Cosach for a horse to intercept Lysaer's expected path.

Cosach holds an extended council meeting to decide how best to support Arithon. The participants argue over direction for over two weeks. Upon hearing that Esfand, Khadrien, and Siantra have left camp with Alithiel, Cosach and Laithen reveal that Dakar's vision had led them to intentionally delay a council decision until the children had been moved to act on their own. Cosach and six scouts follow the trio and guard them in secret until they have reached Rathain's borders.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: After Cosach receives word of Esfand and Siantra's return, he asks Jalienne to take over for him at the clan council discussing the True Sect threat from Etarra. He and Laithen receive Esfand, Siantra, and Tarens at the edge of Halwythwood. Tarens delivers news of Khadrien's death in Havish, angered that the children were allowed to leave Rathain on their own. Laithen reveals that Khadrien is alive, sent back chastened by Asandir after losing Alithiel. After learning of Tarens' unique background, Cosach asks him to swear a guest oath of amity.

Tarens argues with Cosach to join the party sent after Arithon. The pair constantly test each other while waiting for word of Arithon's location. During a drinking contest in a glen near the Willowbrook, Tarens has a Sighted vision of Arithon standing before the shamans of Ettinmere. Theorizing that the vision was triggered by Arithon's past actions in the glen, Cosach is determined to track down Dakar and form a plan to draw Arithon away from Ettinmere. Dakar and the clansmen spend weeks in Halwythwood, hoping to intercept Elaira but without success. Dakar has a Sighted vision of a headhunter ambush supported by True Sect diviners. The vision causes Cosach to give up the search for Elaira and travel north in defense.

Once Dakar learns that Sethvir has transferred Elaira directly to Althain Tower, he finally agrees to help Cosach reach the Ettinmere Settlement.

Third Age 5924: Cosach, Tarens, and Dakar depart from Halwythwood in the spring. Not eager to reunite with Arithon, Dakar does his best to stall and slips away in Backwater. Tarens searches the town while Cosach secures a boat. Cosach is able to recapture Dakar when the Mad Prophet slips out of Backwater in the night. He reunites with Tarens south of Athili and the trio resume the trip to Ettinmere. At the base of Tiendarion, Dakar fashions wards to avoid detection by the Ettin shamans.

Tarens travels ahead up Tiendarion and encounters Arithon capturing iyats with Shadow and song. Cosach follows and challenges the prince to help defend Rathain's clans from The Hatchet's invasion force. Dakar's arrival triggers a memory of Arithon's capture by the Koriathain in Third Age 5674.

Cosach knocks Arithon unconscious, realizing that leaving him behind in Havish will allow the Fellowship to intercede in Rathain's defenses. He returns to Halwythwood to defend against The Hatchet with Dakar. Kharadmon appears before Dakar and charges him with Halwythwood's defenses. When challenged, he disowns Cosach from his duties as caithdein.

Dakar is near Caith-al-Caen when he exposes a True Sect trap aided by Koriani spellcraft. In a surprise assault, True Sect arrows are spell-turned to aim at Cosach. Arithon appears on the battlefield in spite of his earlier refusal to assist. His use of Shadow and a storm of iyats provides Dakar with the space to see Cosach's war band to safety. Arithon suggests that Kharadmon's earlier censure was actually for Dakar's benefit and that Cosach had not forsaken his obligation to defend the mysteries.

Cosach questions the value of upholding the mysteries, prompting Arithon to reveal a conversation he once had with Sethvir. Sethvir stated that the limitations imposed by the Compact might one day lead humankind to a heightened experience, where they could cohabitate with the Paravians and tap the flux directly. As proof, Arithon shares his experience in the presence of a living Paravian and reveals the contents of Ciladis' appeal to the clans when the Compact was formed. Before dying, Cosach reveals that Arithon once hid an artifact of his past in the Cascain Islands. Arithon expresses his intent to challenge the Koriathain on their own turf.


  • Cosach's first wife died during childbirth in a lean winter.