Cindein s'Ilessid

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Cindein s'Ilessid is the queen-regent in Avenor at the time of the rebellion. She is described as raw-boned, with a composure that cowed state ambassadors. Her brother is the High King and her nephew is the heir to the throne.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from The Decoy.

Third Age 5018: Following the death of the High King and his heir on the battle lines against the Mistwraith, a guild conspiracy threatens the rest of the royal family. Cindein takes refuge in an ancient passage warded by Tehaval Warden. Tiorren s'Gannley concocts a plan that will allow time for Saigad s'Gannley to get Cindein to safety. Saigad is killed before he can act, leaving the queen-regent's fate in the hands of Falion sen Ardhai.

Evading conspirators in the palace, Falion reaches the warded passage. His distant kinship to the s'Ilessid family allows him to open the door. Cindein tells Falion that Eveny s'Ilessid was killed when the palace apartments were overrun and Saigad died as a diversion to draw off pursuit. She implores Falion to warn the clan outposts of the threat to the Compact, since he has a better chance of maneuvering through the townsfolk of Avenor. When Falion refuses to leave her behind, she offers to accompany him.

The pair is noticed in the palace by a mob and Cindein asks Falion to kill her. He realizes that she merely accompanied him to provide a decoy for his own escape. When Cindein realizes that Falion will disregard her command, she impales herself on his knife and dies at the hands of the mob. This allows Falion to flee the city and warn the clans.