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Chaimistarizog is a great drake who guards the other side of the North Gate as Gatekeeper.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: After another young drake is drawn to Athera by a ripple of novelty from Seshkrozchiel and Davien, Sethvir wonders why Chaimistarizog has not been minding the drakish side of the North Gate. Asandir reports that the young drake was too rash to ask questions of.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: Kharadmon visits Davien to challenge him over his inaction in helping the Fellowship, especially in investigating Chaimistarizog's absence beyond the North Gate. During the argument, Selidie Prime launches an assault through the Great Waystone. Davien is forced to wield untested drake powers that easily nullify the attack, but prove the volatility of placing him anywhere near a Drake War.

Kharadmon describes Chaimistarizog's role as Gatekeeper to Dace Marley. He mentions that, while there are great drakes in hibernation on Athera to forestall invasion, waking them in the aftermath of Davien's bargain with Seshkrozchiel might upset their established priorities to defend the planet.