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Carithwyr is the western principality in the kingdom of Havish. Although principalities do not have static borders, the general location is bounded to the west by the Westland Sea, to the north by an unnamed river, and to the east by the Storlain Mountains. To the south is the principality of Lithmere.

Carithwyr consists primarily of high, golden grasslands, and was once the province of the Riathan Paravians (It was a unicorn birthing ground). The area is currently used by man for raising cattle and growing grain, and the name is now equated with fine hides and red wine.

Human-Inhabited Cities

  • Cheivalt: Coastal city known for its elegance.
  • Deal: This city has not yet played a role in the events of the story.
  • Los Mar: Fishing village which became a caravan crossing after the Mistwraith's invasion.
  • Ostermere: Harbor city which was once a smuggler's haven. Temporary royal seat of Eldir s'Lornmein before the reconstruction of Telmandir.
  • Quaid: Landlocked city on the road to Redburn known for its fired clay and brick.
  • Westcliff: This city has not yet played a role in the events of the story.

Paravian Ruins

Natural Landmarks


  • Unnamed Road: Starts at Ostermere and follows the coast south through Los Mar.
  • Unnamed Paravian Road: Starts and Ostermere and heads north through the ruins.

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