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The Cariadwin is a deepwater trading ship built in the Riverton shipyards by Cattrick and his team. Like the Evenstar it has a figurehead with a bronze, nude bust.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5652: The Cariadwin is stolen from Riverton's shipyards through a conspiracy orchestrated between Arithon and Cattrick.

Third Age 5653: Following Lysaer's proclamation of clan slavery, a galley with forty clan slaves is intercepted in Cheivalt and found to be in violation of Havish's laws against slavery. The 40 men are covertly sent to Innish aboard the Cariadwin using Fiark's trade factor network. Fiark adds a shipment of brandy and Sanpashir gemstones to provide justification for a trip to Elssine, which allows the clansmen to find safety in Selkwood under the Earl of Taerlin. The ship makes a brief stop in Alland to pick up the cargo of wool and barley originally purported to be shipped out of Cheivalt.

When Arithon's plans in Riverton are nearing culmination, the Cariadwin is sailing under a crew of freed clan slaves and clan scouts eager to enlist. The ship is ambushed by Lysaer's war galleys at Corith and quickly reclaimed. During a storm, the ship is left at anchor without a watch crew, and is reclaimed by Arithon's clan allies. These men, stranded after the destruction of the Lance, sabotage the remaining vessels on Corith and sail the Cariadwin away, leaving Lysaer's men stranded on Corith.