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Caolle is the war captain of the clans of Deshir at the start of the story. He is described as being blunt, tough, and quick to earn respect through brute intimidation.


Caolle was responsible for raising Lord Steiven, the caithdein of Rathain, from boyhood and also served underneath him.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Caolle is present when Arithon is escorted to the camp to swear a guest oath before Lord Steiven. He is part of the council between Steiven and Lord Marl when the clans decide to make a stand at Tal Quorin. Following the oath of fealty, Caolle is present when Arithon attempts to convince Steiven to remove the women and children from the battle plan. He carries Arithon back to Steiven's tent when he collapses from tienelle poisoning.

Caolle's plan in the Battle of Strakewood is to use clan children as bait and draw the Etarran army up the Tal Quorin. When they are in place, the clans of Deshir undam the river, and drown two full companies of the army. After Steiven receives warning from Arithon that the foretold disaster has not been averted, Caolle is ordered to take three hunded young men and withdraw them from the battle. Caolle pleads against this order but eventually follows through. However, instead of completely fleeing, Caolle's force sweeps around upstream and extracts Arithon, Jieret, and the ambushed band of clansmen from the fray.

After the Battle of Strakewood, Caolle and a band of clansmen return to the battlefield (assisted by Halliron) to sort out the dead and the wounded. He discovers Arithon redeeming the dead on both sides of the battle, and is forced by Halliron to listen to the Ballad of Falmuir. Touched, he realizes that Arithon is greater than Steiven. Just before evacuating to Fallowmere, Caolle requests permission to raise the clans of Fallowmere and then all of Rathain. Arithon offers his blessing, if not his approval.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5644: Caolle spends the next six years protecting the clansmen from the campaigns of the Etarran guard. He travels with Jieret to Tysan to meet with Lady Maenalle s'Gannley. Jieret brings an intercepted parchment intercepted from a guild courier, Lysaer's request to restore Avenor to the Mayor Elect of Korias.

Third Age 5645: During a routine raid of overland caravans that include messengers in the summer, Jieret's band discovers that a messenger has knowledge of Arithon's whereabouts. Caolle is left behind to determine how much of the caravan knows, and to murder them all. He rejoins Jieret several days later at Farl Rocks, escorting a townborn women who had two children hidden in the caravan.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: On the Spring Equinox, Caolle is summoned south from Jieret's wedding to serve Arithon. He arrives at Arithon's hideout in the Cascain Islands and plots out strategy aboard the Khetienn. He also argues over the nuances of siege warfare with Tharrick. Throughout the summer, he judges Vastmark shepherds, determining which to train for Arithon's confrontation with Lysaer and which to send back to the flocks. He advises Arithon to bring in clansmen to bolster the ranks. Arithon refuses, but realizes that Erlien will likely send men anyhow (Vastmark falls under his sovereignty).

Before the onset of winter, Arithon stages an ambush at the Havens. He alone takes responsibility for firing the signal arrows that dictate the start and cessation of attack, showing no mercy to the companies caught on the beach, despite Caolle's pleas for mercy. After the battle, Caolle directs the departure of archers in small groups to other locations, while Arithon leads some clansmen down to the beach.

Caolle assists Arithon at the strike at Dier Kenton Vale. After the landslide, he orders clansmen and shepherds to fire upon the survivors, preventing them from gaining a defensible position. He spots Diegan leading a company in retreat and scrambles to intercept, but fails to reach him before a Companion fires upon him. He hears Diegan's last words and the reason why Lysaer never received Arithon's warning. On the day that the forces from Jaelot retreat, Caolle is warned by Dakar about the assassination attempt, and arrives in time to take Bransian prisoner.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5647: Because of what occurred at the Havens, Caolle returns to the clans in Strakewood and resigns his post as war captain.

Third Age 5649: After Arithon begins his odyssey to find the Paravians, Caolle volunteers to travel to the western shore of Paravia to await Arithon's eventual return.

Third Age 5652: Upon Arithon's return to the continent, Caolle's offer of service is rejected, and Dakar and Caolle are forced to catch up to the fleeing Arithon at a tavern on the Ilswater River. Dakar uses a spell-turned bandage to cover up a new scar and his clan accent. Caolle is preparing the horses for departure when an unconscious Arithon (under the effects of the Curse) attempts to escape. Caolle hits him with a torch and returns him to his room. Caolle accompanies and guards Arithon as he establishes himself in Riverton as a bard at the Laughing Captain Tavern and then meets with Cattrick.

Third Age 5653: In early spring, Arithon displays signs of a fever from the Mistwraith's curse. Caolle locates Dakar in the city dungeon and releases him with a bribe to the jailer. Caolle collects his armor and arrives in Arithon's room to find him attacking Dakar. He manages to disarm Arithon, allowing Dakar to trigger Alithiel's defense wards, but takes Arithon's dagger in his side. Caolle commands Dakar to escape with the unconscious Arithon, and is left behind in the fire started during the fight. Bystanders at the inn carry him to the cook's quarters, where his wound is cauterized. Near death, his life is stabilized and spared by Lirenda, who believes that his worth as a hostage is more than his death as part of Morriel's grand design. A scrying by Dakar reveals Caolle under the care of a Koriani healer. Later, he is boarded on a ship, where his bandages prevent his wrists from being set into irons.

Through subterfuge, Caolle is able to overpower his healer and then First Senior Lirenda. He claims their spell crystals and grounds the healer's crystal in elemental fire, salt water, and an iron bucket, resulting in her death. Through this gambit, he forces Lirenda to help him reclaim the ship. The plan is successful, and Caolle passes away after two of the three ships have been reclaimed and Lirenda's spell crystal is sent away to Arithon.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: The son of the woman that Caolle spared during a caravan raid in Third Age 5645 is sympathetic to the plight of clansmen and helps Arithon and Dakar in Etarra.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: While hiding in plain sight with a company of True Sect soldiers, Arithon reflexively catches a thrown main gauche, triggering memories of Caolle's death.