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Cadgia is the Third Senior of the Koriathain. She is roughly four centuries old, and is described as a bent, wizened elder with a large-boned frame, straight, silver hair, blue eyes, and old fingers that used to wear jade rings.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5669: Cadgia is temporarily assigned to Lirenda's service during the plot to capture Arithon in Jaelot. She oversees the seers searching for Arithon within the city. When the wards collapse, Cadgia notes that the disturbance originated from inside of the walls.

Third Age 5670: After Arithon frees Fionn Areth in the town square, Lirenda orders Cadgia and the other sorceressess to control Arithon's escape path. They lose him and Fionn Areth after Jasque invites them into the house of The Lady where Koriani scrying can't reach them. When Elaira spiritwalks with Arithon to effect Fionn Areth's healing, Cadgia reacts sympathetically to the aftereffects but is overruled by Lirenda, who seeks immediate knowledge of Arithon's escape plans.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Cadgia hears from Selidie, who has asked the sorceresses in Jaelot to attend an audience in Highscarp. After Lirenda fails to salvage the capture of Arithon, Cadgia ends the operation and tells her of the exchange in power. Cadgia and the sorceresses underneath her travel to Highscarp for the audience. When Elaira is summoned directly to meet with Selidie but Lirenda is not, Cadgia warns Lirenda not to follow. This warning is ignored.

After Selidie discovers Lirenda's spellcraft on the Jaelot guardsmen, Cadgia summons Lirenda for a formal inquisition.