Ballad of Falmuir

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The Ballad of Falmuir is a ballad sung by Halliron to Caolle after the Battle of Strakewood. Arithon also quotes a line from this ballad, although it is unclear whether he learned it on Athera or knew it from Dascen Elur.

The ballad tells the tale of a Princess in Falmuir, an ancient city in Melhalla that no longer exists. Two cities took arms over marriage rights to an heiress who had a seer's gift. She pleaded to wed an uninvolved suitor as a compromise, but was denied out of greed. In the war that followed, there were losses similar to those in the Battle of Strakewood. After the siege of Falmuir, the princess walked alone on the battlefield in grief and total loss. One by one, she cherished the memories of the dead -- both defenders and abductors.

The ballad ends with the line, "She went not to wed, or to comfort or rest, but to free the dazed dead, and to reclothe cold flesh in fair flowers."[1] This line is quoted by both Arithon and Halliron after the Battle of Strakewood.


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