Ath's Hostel - Shaddorn

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Ath's initiates maintain a hostel in a remote cove on Sickle Bay, close to the town of Shaddorn. The hostel sits at the end of a long winding lane, surrounded by dog fennel and wild vine.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

The Gallant

Third Age 4995: After the hostel at Forthmark is drained of power, some displaced initiates travel to join this hostel.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: When the Shearfast is sunk off the coast of near Shaddorn, Arithon's ship workers flee to the hostel to claim sanctuary, while Tharrick stays behind to trick the pursuers from Alestron. After his recovery, Tharrick escapes with Jinesse and claims sanctuary as well. Lysaer arrives in search of Tharrick and Jinesse. He is taken to the Sacred Grove within the hostel and shown an image of himself, cursed by the Mistwraith, with his half-brother in the unwilling role of a killer. Rather than sway him back to sanity, this vision merely strengthens his resolve to hunt Arithon, and seeds the first doubts that Ath's Adepts might be in collusion with Arithon.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: The Sacred Grove is rejuvenated when Kevor s'Ilessid joins Ath's Adepts.