Asandir - Role in the Story (Traitor's Knot)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Third Age 5670: Asandir leaves Haspastion's grimward in the autumn and welcomes Sulfin Evend to Althain Tower. Sulfin Evend accepts the Fellowship's hospitality in spite of his mistaken belief that Asandir abducted him in a grimward. The pair discuss necromancy and Asandir fails to convince Sulfin Evend to abandon his debt to Lysaer. Asandir cleanses the bone blade used to enslave Lysaer and offers his direct ward to protect Sulfin Evend from necromancy. He asks Sulfin Evend to return the flint knife to the Biedar at his earliest convenience.

The meeting is abruptly ended when one of Ath's Adepts signals Asandir about the incoming wraiths from Marak. With no other help available, Asandir decides to spirit-walk and alter the homing spell being followed by the wraiths. While looping the construct, one of Ath's Adepts attempts to give him the gift of her life force. He rejects it before the dimming of Ath's chord can trigger the drake's binding on him, but does not have time to finish his work on the homing spell. Later, he learns from Sethvir that Lysaer is researching genealogies in the Gray Book of Olvec. Asandir teleports Sulfin Evend to Avenor with instructions to ride on to Hanshire, then arrives at the focus circle in Mainmere to reach the next grimward in Scarpdale.