Asandir - Role in the Story (Stormed Fortress)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Third Age 5671: Asandir's work in the Scarpdale grimward is interrupted when Isfarenn nears the end of her life. He resolves to return her to Athera rather than lose her in the grimward. When Seshkrozchiel challenges the dead drake in the Scarpdale grimward, Asandir's surroundings are stabilized enough for him to release Isfarenn's spirit to a natural crossing into death. Rather than return to Athera himself, Asandir chooses to help Seshkrozchiel and Davien. As Seshkrozchiel battles the haunt to unmake the grimward, Davien stands at risk of losing his identity. Asandir attempts to anchor him with recollection of a potent memory from Third Age 5129, when a summons at Althain Tower ultimately ended in Davien's discorporate status. Seshkrozchiel rechannels her perception of Shehane Althain's wards and the members of the Fellowship to put a permanent end to the dead drake.

Asandir meets with Glendien in the King's Chamber at Althain Tower and the pair head outside. Asandir offers answers to Glendien's questions about carrying Arithon's child and warns that Arithon will never know about what occurred at Athir or his child. Glendien chooses to carry the child rather than return to the clans in Selkwood. At Althain Tower, Davien mentions to Asandir that he and Seshkrozchiel plan to mend the barrier wards around two more unstable grimwards next. Davien is not anxious to resume his relationships with other Fellowship members, but agrees to assist should Luhaine ever need help with the Koriathain.

Asandir arrives at Athir to find Dakar eager to resume his lapsed Fellowship apprenticeship. Elaira states her plan to return to the Koriathain to learn why her spell crystal chose to stay in service with her. Asandir suggests that she travel with Arithon aboard the Khetienn, since Arithon plans to visit Selkwood and Innish to offer his condolences to Erlien and Feylind's family. Arithon gives him a writ exonerating Parrien s'Brydion for Kyrialt's murder and Asandir suggests that he may be able to aid the remaining defenders at Alestron.

Asandir, Dakar, and Parrien sail south on a hired lugger. After a stop at Perdith for a new pennon, they slip through the blockade at Kalesh in spite of all attempts to stop them. Asandir meets with Bransian, Sevrand, and the s'Brydion wives in Alestron where Bransian argues for his wartime actions. Asandir orders the flag of Alestron to be lowered from Watch Keep and replaced by the standard of the Fellowship, preventing either side in the siege from controlling it. s'Brydion reinstatement would require the intervention of a centaur guardian. With Parrien facing a felon's death for the attack on Arithon, Bransian finally agrees to relocate his family and army to Atwood to serve under Teiren's'Callient. By Winter Solstice, the city has been emptied of people. Asandir uses actualized Paravian to repair the cisterns and then seals the city with wards. He and Dakar transfer to Althain Tower.