Asandir - Role in the Story (Grand Conspiracy)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

Third Age 5653: At some point before the autumn, Asandir leaves Althain Tower and travels to Methisle Keep in order to help Verrain with another outbreak of methuri. He departs for Methisle Keep before he is fully recovered from stabilizing the grimward -- it is later revealed that he was only convalescent for four days before departing, and hid his infirmity from Luhaine.

Asandir is summoned by Luhaine in autumn. Finding no food in Althain Tower, he decides to travel to Caithwood, leaving Luhaine on watch at Althain Tower. He engages the power focus to Mainmere ruins and then travels with a fisherman friend of the clans across Mainmere Bay. During the trip, he explains more about the Compact and the Law of the Major Balance. Asandir travels to an Alliance encampment to give formal warning about the defense of Caithwood. He sends his clan escort to warn the clansmen in turn, and then travels alone into Caithwood in search of the patriarch tree. He locates the tree on the day before Lysaer's sealed orders reach Watercross, and the subsequent awakening fells every man intent on harming the forest. He leaves instructions for Cenwaith and the clan chieftains and then returns to Methisle Keep to contain the methuri.

Third Age 5654: Asandir travels to the Plain of Araithe to repair a Paravian marker. He is there when Sethvir returns from repairing a grimward, and requests that his black stallion be sent on to the Red Water Inn. Later, he travels to Mirthlvain Swamp to assist with eighteen broods of methspawn that escaped into the foothills. From there, he enters the Tiriac Mountains and then uses a lane transfer to arrive at Earle Keep for Convocation. Asandir assists with preparations for the grand scrying and the Fellowship use the view into the next twelve years to organize their efforts in service of the Compact.

Third Age 5669: Asandir is in Camris, rededicating the wards around the Sorcerer's Preserve. He travels to Isaer to enact a lane transfer to Jaelot, hoping to rescue Fionn Areth. He is thwarted by a Koriani attack from the Skyshiel Mountains and can get no closer than Ithamon. He claims Morriel's attacking magecraft within his own Name, channeling the malice into the ground where a briar sprig blooms. When Morriel launches an attack on Athera, Asandir uses the power focus at Ithamon to stabilize the Fifth Lane and then returns to Althain Tower. Because of the Compact, Asandir must defer any help to Arithon in Jaelot in order to take care of the needs of the land. After consulting with Sethvir, he transfers to the Salt Fens to deal with Eckracken's grimward. He enters the grimward at noon on Winter Solstice.